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For anyone whose been curious about the characters being introduced in the new X-Men series, , you'll be happy to hear of some new details regarding one in particular: Lorna Dane Lehnsherr, a.k.a. Polaris. Actress is playing the mutant daughter to Magneto. She shares similar mutant abilities with her dad, like his manipulation of magnetism, and that aspect of her comic origins will apparently translate over to the latest incarnation of Polaris on the series. Check out the latest image of Polaris below.

Even though we say her in the recently released first trailer for the series, we still don't know much about her character. But Dumont did post a few Instagram images of herself in character that are quite revealing. At least, revealing enough to have them deleted before too many people saw them.

Emma Dumont Shows Off Her Green Hair For Polaris Costume In Deleted Instagram Photo

While the images aren't big reveals, one of the images posted by Dumont showed her standing alongside her co-star in costume. Their backs are turned to the camera and the image reveals Dumont has green streaks in her hair. The image itself was taken down shortly after being posted, probably due to Dumont revealing Polaris' most recognizable physical trait: green hair.

[Credit: Instagram-Emma Dumont]
[Credit: Instagram-Emma Dumont]

It'll be interesting to find out what other aspects of Polaris' comic book origins will make their way on to The Gifted. For one, we're all wondering if and how Polaris' lineage will be explained. She is Magneto's daughter, so it's fair to assume that factor of her origins will be addressed on the series with a reference or two.

If you recall, Professor X was kept in the shadows for fellow X-Men series, , so a similar ploy could be used to explain Magneto's absence—unless one of the actors whose portrayed the character in the past decides made an appearance on Gifted. Which is, let's be real, highly unlikely as it's doubtful the series couldn't afford Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen. So, a new actor would need to be cast if Magneto were to appear further down the line.



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