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It's hard to walk away from an episode of Poldark without feeling some mixture of indignation and emotional distress. After all, it's a period drama rife with tragedy and betrayal. But it also elicits another distinct feeling from its viewers: wanderlust. Those stretches of vast, green seaside landscapes dotted with quaint stone cottages could stir up a sense of longing in even the most scorned Poldark fan. Who knew staring wistfully at the ocean from a windy cliff could be so appealing?

So where exactly is filmed? Luckily, all three seasons were shot around the same area. Let's take a look at every romantic filming locations so you can start planning your very own Poldark pilgrimage:

Outdoor Locations

'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
  • 1. Cliffs

What would Poldark be without its cliffs? The 's cast and crew traipsed all over the high-altitude areas of Cornwall to find locations ideal for prime pensiveness. The list includes Chapel Porth; St Agnes Head; Park Head; Predannack Wollas; Trelizzick Cliffs; Porth Quinn; Porthcruno; and finally, Predannack Wollas. That's a lot of cliffs!

  • 2. Beaches

Crystal blue waters, sandy beaches — wait, are we still in England?! There's nary a Cornwall coastal location that hasn't been utilized for some Poldark scene or another. From salvaging a shipwreck to swimming naked to smuggling both goods and wanted humans, plenty of Poldark's most gripping moments have taken place on a beach in Cornwall.

Poldark filmed at the following beaches: Porthgwarra Cove; Church Cove; Dollar Cove; Holywell Bay; Kynance Cove; Porthcothan Bay; Porthcurno; Constantine Bay; Pedn Vounder Beach; and of course, Porth Quinn.

  • 3. Beach Cave

Remember the "magic" well Drake showed Morwenna and Geoffrey Charles? It's far from fictional — the Poldark crew really did film at St Cubert's holy well at Holy Well Bay, which is said to have sacred properties.

  • 4. Nampara Valley

If you get sick of exploring magic caves and roaming cliffs, then be sure to take a break to check out Bodmin Moor. You'll recognize the area as part of Ross Poldark's land.


'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
  • 5. Trenwith

Chavenage House in Gloucestershire serves as the grand estate where Elizabeth and her family live.

  • 6. Nampara

The interior may be filmed in a Bristol studio, but the outside of Ross and Demelza's quaint country home is shot at a farmhouse in St. Breward.

  • 7. Warleggin Home

Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire was used for the Warleggin home; an aptly extravagant manor for the arrogant-minded George.

  • 8. Killewarren

Former brat Caroline's home is shot at Great Chalfield Manor in Wiltshire.

  • 9. Dwight's Cottage

Humble doctor Dwight isn't one for opulence. He much prefers his quaint home, which is filmed at a small, restored cottage in Bodmin Moor.

  • 10. Miners' Cottages

The local miners like to live close to where they work. In real life, these little homes are filmed in two locations: St. Breward and Minions. Some interior shots take place at St Fagans National History Museum in Wales.


'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
  • 11. Wheal Leisure & Wheal Grambler

Some episodes of Poldark may have left you feeling a little frightened of going anywhere near a mine. Don't expect the real-life locations to ease your mind, either— the Cornish structures are located on the side of a cliff, which is more than a little terrifying. The mines used for the exterior shots are Botallack Mine, Wheal Owles and Wheal Crowns. Oh, and in case you were wondering, "Wheal" is Cornish for "hole".

  • 12. Tressiders Rolling Mill

Once all that copper and tin has been extracted, it has to be processed. Levant Mine was used to depict the local mill.

  • 13. Mine Interiors

I hope you're not feeling claustrophobic, because the next bit of news might just freak you out. The scenes from inside Ross' mine were indeed filmed inside an actual mine shaft — Poldark Mine, no less! The former mine now serves as a museum for the public, and was also used in the original '70s Poldark series.

Local Spots

'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
'Poldark' [Credit: BBC One]
  • 14. Truro

The town of Truro may be a real place, but these days it looks a little too contemporary to pass for an 18th Century village. The production crew instead chose to shoot in the towns of Corsham and Charlestown after giving them a slightly aged makeover. Frome in Somerset was later used to depict Truro.

  • 15. Truro Harbor

Be sure to grab some fish and chips and head down to the harbor in Charlestown to see where Truro Harbor was shot.

  • 16. Chapel

Demelza's brothers may not be welcome at the chapel, but that doesn't mean you can't visit! Those scenes were shot at Sawle Church in Gloucestershire.

  • 17. Magistrates Court

Many a tense moment on Poldark has taken place in a courtroom. Both Horton Court in South Gloucestershire and John Wesley’s Chapel in Bristol hosted the show's most nail-biting trials.

  • 18. Prison

Unfortunately for some, the drama doesn't end in the courtroom. The grimy prison scenes were filmed in Cornwall's Bodmin Jail, as well and Colston Hall in Bristol.

  • 19. Ballroom/Truro Assembly Room

Some very lavish social events (as well as Francis' unfortunate gambling habit) in the parlor took place in Prior Park College in Bath.

  • 20. Warleggan Bank

Somerset's Wells Town Hall hosted George and his scheming uncle as they whiled away their hours counting money and ruining the lives of everyone around them. Classic Warleggans, am I right?

21. France

Poldark Season 3 has seen a couple of our favorite heroes journeying to dangerous and not-so-distant lands — France, to be exact. However, these scenes were actually shot in jolly old England! According to an interview with Cornwall Live, Aidan Turner and the crew remained in their usual filming area to shoot those episodes:

"Berkley Castle in Gloucestershire was transformed into a guillotine-happy port town and Bishop's Palace in Wells, Somerset was turned into a deadly Convent-come-Prison for a week – and they saw a lot of action! Our stunt co-ordinator had his work cut out for him."

What's your favorite Poldark location?

(Source: Cornwall Live)


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