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Get excited, classic horror movie fans, because the latest news is that director has officially started the casting process for his reboot of Poltergeist, and the film is set to start shooting in the fall. Filming will take place in Toronto, and could begin as early as September, if everything with the casting and script go according to plan.

In this revamped version, with the most recent script by , the story follows the Bowen family when they relocate to a new town to start over after father, Eric, loses his job. Their life is turned upside-down when their daughter, Madison, is kidnapped by the malevolent forces that appear in their new home.

Along with a different family, the rebooted version will feature other brand-new characters, including Carrigan Burke, a colorful TV personality who hosts Haunted House Cleaners, and his ex-wife, Dr. Brooke Powell, a local parapsychologist and professor and Burke's ex-wife. Her team investigates the disappearance of Madison and the supernatural events that surround her abduction.

, , and are set to produce.

Considering the first Poltergeist film was largely rumored to be cursed, maybe Kenan is right in wanting to completely reboot the whole thing. [[follow]] along, if you dare, and we'll keep you updated.


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