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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Remember that awesome short, Portal: No Escape, released in 2011? Get ready to see some of that awesomeness again (we hope) all over the adaptation of Y: The Last Man. Variety reports that that commercial director , who is responsible for the fan-favorite short that allegedly racked up more than one million views its first day on YouTube, is the man to steer the course of the long-awaited comic adaptation.

This is a relief, since I'm a big fan of the comic (I know I always say that, but hey, I can't help it) and really want to see this thing make it to the big screen. So far, there's the latest draft of the script penned by television-writing duo Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia (who also wrote for Jericho and Warehouse 13), and comic adaptation maestro producing.

One interesting fact to point out that might say something about the confidence that Warner Bros has in Trachtenberg -- he beat out Christian Cardona, who actually made a Y: The Last Man-based short that wasn't too shabby. With this coup, Trachtenberg appears to be becoming a hot commodity right now, also being locked in to direct sci-fi heist film Crime of the Century for Universal. If his Portal short is any indication of what we can expect, then I have a good feeling about this.


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