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Evil, demony things are pretty standard horror film fare. You can't always see them, when you do they're terrible and gross, and really, those jerks just have a bad attitude. Below are our Top 5 Screen Demons for you to say stuff about in the comment section at the end of this article.

Toby in Paranormal Activity

If Toby wasn’t a mischievous demon, he would actually be pretty good husband material. No, seriously, think about it. Toby wants nothing more than a boy (ok, so he is a bit male-centric) and he looooooves furniture. In fact, Toby’s natural habitat would be an IKEA store! Where can you find a guy like that? Sadly, the poltergeist has the rather nasty habit of scaring the shit out of folks and, worse, ultimately killing or possessing them. Okay, so basically none of the stuff I said above. Awful spouse material.

Also, coincidentally, Paranormal Activity 4 arrives on Blu-ray & DVD January 29, and is already available via Digital Download. Keeping you informed, because we're cool like that.

Lamia in Drag Me to Hell

Two things I learned from the awesomely titled Drag Me to Hell; first, help the elderly, particularly if they look like gypsy witches. They probably are. Second, don’t mess with a goat demon. Christine Brown (), sadly, misses the mark on bout accounts. It doesn't end well.

Azazel in Fallen

Very much the jokester of the bunch, Azazel jumps from possession to possession like an animated monkey from tree to tree. He is also gentleman enough to acknowledge a worthy opponent in the form of , with whom he has a relaxed chat at the end of the movie. Also, great taste in music. He'll still totally ruin your day, though.

Pazuzu in The Exorcist

Ok, here’s a confession. I always thought that little Regan was possessed by Satan himself. It’s a testament to Pazuzu’s ability to truly disgust and freak the hell out of audiences that his bag of tricks appeared to be courtesy of the boss demon himself. Kudos. We all know those infamous scenes of self-massage via crucifix and puking beyond the call of duty. Add to that a deeply unsettling voice, and you got one scary demon that could use a cough drop.

Evil Ash in Army of Darkness

Contrarily to his less evil but equally loud-mouthed counterpart, Evil Ash (as played by the man himself, ) actually gets things done. Granted, he has skin issues and his style of seduction is rather forceful, but out of this bunch he would be the only demon I'd have a beer with.

Those were our five favorite demons. Did we forget someone? Let us know below.


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