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The franchise is a mess and I say that as a fan. The timeline makes no sense anymore, all of the major actors have fulfilled their three movie contracts, wasn't quite the massive hit it was supposed to be, Bryan Singer has left again, and Hugh Jackman is set to don the costume for the last time in :

With all of that information, the future of the X-Men looks unclear and according to rumor, Fox is considering rebooting the franchise all over again (you know, like they did in First Class that then turned out to not be a complete reboot because Days of Future Past came along and merged the two separate franchises). Personally, I'm sick of reboots and I don't want to see the X-Men rebooted, so today, I'm proposing four other options that Fox could explore rather than trying to reboot the franchise...again.

4. Fox Sells The Rights To Marvel Studios

Although this is the ideal situation for any fan (how awesome would it be to have the X-Men and the Avengers in the same movie?), the chance of Fox selling the rights to Marvel is extremely slim. Fox its still making pretty decent amounts of money off of the franchise and Deadpool was such a huge success that there is no way they would sign all of the rights away to Marvel. Heck, Fox has kept the rights to the Fantastic Four (so far), and that movie bombed. So I doubt we'll be seeing the Avengers and the X-Men on screen together anytime soon. The only reason this is even a possibility at all is because a) it'd be super cool, b) Marvel worked out a deal with Sony to get Spider-Man and barely anyone saw that coming (okay, maybe some people did), and c) with the deal Marvel and Fox struck to get on television, their is at least the possibility that the two companies would be able to strike some kind of deal (but, even if they did, the X-Men would have to be rebooted to fit into the MCU).

  • Likeliness: Very, very, very unlikely

3. Fox Focuses On A Different Team Of Mutants

There are plenty of mutant teams for Fox to focus on instead of the X-Men. There's one huge problem with this idea, though: Name recognition. How do you get a movie audience to go to a movie if they have no idea what it's based on? Marvel managed to do it quite well with Guardians of the Galaxy, but would Fox be able to pull off such a risky move? Currently, Fox is already planning to create a movie focused on , a team of teenage mutants, so the groundwork for a spin-off is already laid down.

Personally, I think this would solve a lot of issues. The timeline wouldn't matter and you can introduce new characters without recasting iconic characters (sure Fassbender and McAvoy were good replacements, but can you imagine recasting Wolverine?). Focusing on different teams would also allow Fox to distance themselves from the . There are dozens of unique teams to pull out of comic book obscurity, so I really like this idea. However, Fox also has to run a business and make money, and that's kinda hard to do if you don't entice an audience.

  • Likeliness: Definitely making other teams, probably won't be the focus

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2. FOX Just Continues With What They Have

I like this choice. If I had it my way, we'd be done with reboots and resets and remakes and all the other re-anything. I really enjoyed X-Men: Apocalypse, not because it was a great movie, but because it felt like a comic book to me. It felt like a comic book movie unlike any I'd seen before. Sophie Turner is also perfect as Jean Grey and it'd be such a shame to reboot the X-Men and lose such an incredible young talent like that.

Currently, the rumor that Fox is rebooting is just that, a rumor. So the possibility of Fox just continuing with what they have is extremely high. The latest installment might not have been as big of a hit as it was supposed to be, but it also wasn't horrible and there is a lot of room for growth. Since Singer left the franchise, I would personally love to see Matthew Vaughn come back to direct since he did such a great job with First Class. The major hindrances to this proposal is the fact that there is the rumor of the reboot and the fact that Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawerence, and Nicholas Hoult have all finished their three movie contracts.

  • Likeliness: Pretty high

1. Fox Focuses On Solo Films

Fox has seen some huge success with their team-up movies. X-Men was the first of its kind to do a superhero team up movie and paved the way for the modern Golden Age of Superhero Movies. Days of Future Past was highly regarded as the best X-Men movie ever and even one of the best superhero movies. Yet, despite all of that, they've had a lot of trouble, as well.

One of the things Fox is really good at, however, is solo movies (with the exception of Origins, let's just not talk about that). is the single greatest thing to ever happen to Fox. It shattered records, it did things no movie has ever done before, and it was hugely successful. If I were in charge of Fox (which, thankfully, I'm not), I'd focus more on their solo movies and not so much on their teams. Make more Deadpool movies, give Cable his own movie, and get the Gambit movie off the ground — finally! Heck, you could even give Jean Grey her own solo movie (keeping Sophie Turner, of course). Now, the only problem I see with this option is that it's similar to what Marvel Studios and DC are already doing; making solo movies and the occasional team-up movie. Yet, it works extremely well for them, so why shouldn't Fox follow the same pattern?

  • Likeliness: Very likely

It seems like we have this conversation ever couple of months. Some new rumor comes out that things aren't going well at Fox in regard to X-Men and everyone panics. Personally, I think this is just a rumor, but if it isn't, these are the other possibilities I would urge Fox to consider.


What would you like to see from the X-Men?


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