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A few weeks ago, Grey's Anatomy fans were overjoyed to hear that Shonda Rhimes is expanding the Grey's universe with a spinoff series focusing on the personal and professional lives of Seattle's firefighters.

The yet-to-be-titled series is the second spinoff from Grey's AnatomyPrivate Practice ran from 2007 until 2013 —and will be executive produced by both Rhimes and Betsy Beers. Long time writer and producer, Stacy McKee, will act as showrunner.

But while we've been given details about the crew of what will no doubt become a popular series, the information about the characters of the series has been less forthcoming. However, one hint we have been given came during the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale, when the hospital required evacuation during the explosion.

As fans will remember, part of the hospital exploded after Stephanie's plan to set the rapist on fire went awry. With the hospital quickly burning, firefighters were soon on the scene to battle the flames and help rescue patients and doctors. Given the news about the firefighter spinoff series was announced shortly before the finale aired, it was implied that some of the firefighters from the Season 13 finale will appear in new series. So who did we see in Episode 13 that might crop again? Take a look:

Firefighter Carroll — Stephanie Czajkowski

'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC}
'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC}

We were first introduced to firefighter Carroll while announcements were being made on how the hospital buildings will be evacuated. Carroll later accompanied Ben inside to find Stephanie, and we learned she was actually the fire captain when she was called on to inspect the body of the rapist killed in the blast.

Given that Shonda Rhimes' series are so often led by strong female characters, it would be no surprise to see actor Stephanie Czajkowski return as firefighter Carroll in the new spinoff in a major role. When asked about the possibility of her character return, Czajkowski was unable to give a definite answer, though remarked that it would "be a dream come true to have Firefighter Carroll be a part of the expansion of Shondaland."

Firefighter Ben — Nelson Grande

'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC}
'Grey's Anatomy' [Credit: ABC}

We briefly met firefighter Ben as he came across Meredith, Riggs and nurse Bohkee while Riggs was part way through a lobectomy. After first ordering the group to evacuate, he eventually gave them 15 minutes to close up the patient, and assured Meredith that the firefighters were all keeping an eye out for the missing Erin.

The actor who played firefighter Ben is Nelson Grande, a man who is no stranger to hospital dramas having already starred in General Hospital, but what's even more interesting is that Grande apparently studied Fire Science in college before dropping out to pursue his acting dream. Talk about a perfect role!


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