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For a year now, fans of The Amazing Spider-Man and long-time readers of the comic book have been wondering what's going to happen with the story arc for Peter Parker/Spider-Man's () love interest, Gwen Stacy (). Without spoiling anything for those who don't know, uh, well, those of us that do know her story know it doesn't exactly end well. Would the filmmakers actually, you know, do it? Would they be faithful to the story arc? Or would there be a miraculous reprieve?

A possible answer to those questions and a HUGE spoiler may have been spotted on the set of upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If you want to jump out now, I suggest you do.

Earlier, Andrew Garfield was spotted on set as Spidey, filming near a bridge. As Spider-Man fans, we all know what that might mean.

Fun fact, even before that was confirmed in the news, a good friend of mine, who lives in Rochester and knows I'm a Spidey fan, texted me with:

"They're filming Amazing Spider-Man car chase scenes in Rochester right now."

Later I asked him:

"Hey, uh, did they happen to be filming on/near a bridge in Rochester?"

"Yeah. Downtown near the river, I think."


My suspicions were further confirmed when these shots of Emma in some clothing any long-time Spider-Man fan should be familiar with:

Recognize it?

Green coat, purple skirt, black top, knee-high boots. Oh, man. Those are the exact same clothes that Gwen wears the night she dies. It looks like we've come to it. And granted, yes, maybe it's just foreshadowing or will change the storyline up to appease younger fans who might not be familiar with the original story. But from the start, his version of Spider-Man has been much darker than 's version, so I don't think it would surprise anyone if Webb stuck to the comic arc exactly as written. Between what we see here and already knowing Mary Jane Watson is being introduced into this sequel, I think we can safely say Gwen's days are numbered.

It appears as if Spidey won't be able to escape the Greek tragedy that is his life this time.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be swinging into theaters on May 2nd of next year, but for now, it looks like the biggest question going into the second installment has already been answered. And I, for one, kind of think that sucks.


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