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Marvel fans around the world are reveling in news that Sigourney Weaver, the actress most famous for starring in Ghostbusters and the Alien series, has been cast in Marvel and Netflix's The Defenders — the television cumulation of four gritty, adult-orientated series starring street-level heroes: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. (With The Punisher series in production and rumored to cross over.)

Often referred to as "the Sci-Fi Queen" for her frequent contributions to the genre, Weaver will be exploring new territory for her career in Defenders, starring alongside superhero powerhouses like Luke Cage and Iron Fist in an as of yet, unrevealed role. Until we know for sure, here are three characters that Weaver could portray in 2017 when The Defenders finally arrives:

1. Mephisto


Rumored to be the primary antagonist for the upcoming series, demon lord Mephisto would be an intriguing and potentially brilliant role for Sigourney Weave — a gender-swapped, ultra-powerful devil tearing up the streets of Hell's Kitchen? Sign me up. Although an interesting idea, the rumor of Mephisto's presence in the series may prove to be false, especially considering the Netflix and Marvel co-produced show's more grounded approach to superheroes. Still, one can dream.

2. The CEO/Boss Of IGH

Will Simpson A.K.A Nuke, one of IGH's soldiers. (
Will Simpson A.K.A Nuke, one of IGH's soldiers. (

IGH, the secretive and exceptionally shady organization responsible for providing combat-enhancing drugs to Will Simpson in Jessica Jones, has yet to reveal its leader. Could the CEO of the mysterious company be the role Weaver has signed on for? The IGH boss' revelation could even lead to mass-production of their deadly pills, providing suitable enemies for the Defenders to throw down with while Weaver's character remains behind the scenes — because no one wants to see Ripley getting punched in the face, right?

3. The Beast (Of The Hand)


Another ancient and powerful demon, The Beast is an evil being worshipped and utilized by The Hand, the ninja antagonists of Daredevil. Most recently used to possess Matt Murdock (pictured above) in the 2010 comic miniseries Shadowland, the Beast may well be on its way to the silver screen in the form of Sigourney Weaver and with the assumedly resurrected Elektra under the control of the The Hand, maybe she'll be the one to summon this demonic antagonist.

Whether Weaver will be playing a classic Marvel villain or bringing a new series-exclusive character to life, it's pretty safe to say that her casting in the The Defenders has been met with an extremely positive reaction from fans and critics alike, and with the successful track record of Netflix and Marvel's co-produced series so far, we can rest assured, Ripley will do us proud.


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