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With Man of Steel being the first step for DC Comics in trying to give Marvel Studios a run for its money, the thing fans are really waiting for is Justice League Part One. We have a 2015 release in the pipeline, but the script has had a rocky history. The release date is a reassuring, if small, thing. Now, according to Live For Film's's insider, we might be looking down the barrel of some potentially major plot spoilers.

First, it's early days still, so you might want to get your giant boulder of salt ready. Got it? OK... so, remember a few months ago when we told you that we had an idea about the villain, and that villain would be Darkseid? Then not long after, we brought you a tidbit about the movie having a story-line directly from the comics? Well, it would appear that in this "insider scoop" by a "Good Samaritan", our league of superheroes will be protecting Earth from a threat that isn't far off those rumors. Here's the unofficial (potentially spoilery) synopsis, according to the aforementioned "Good Samaritan":

I can unofficially confirm that the movie WILL use Henry Cavill's Superman, as well as an already established Batman (who has been left open enough to use Nolan’s John Blake if the situation were to arise wink wink), and will follow the two as they try to piece together the Justice League when a new threat shows up with Earth conquest on his mind.

Following the events of "Man of Steel", NASA and Lex Luthor begin sending signals out into space to attract other alien beings which reach Apokolips, prompting an invasion of "Hunger Dogs" sent by Darkseid and lead by Kalibak, Orion, and the Female Furies.

Superman and Batman, knowing they won't be able to fight them alone, recruit the help of Green Lantern, (who's left open to be either Ryan Reynolds's Hal Jordan or John Stewart, either way they'll be using the already established Green Lantern corps from the Martin Campbell film), J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter (who is confirmed as not being CGI), who comes to protect Earth after escaping from a prison on Apokolips because he knows the next planet on Darkseid's mind will be Mars once he conquers Earth, the Barry Allen incarnation of the Flash who will gain his powers in the first 1/3rd of the film, and Princess Diana of Themyscira, who is ready to leave Themyscira and refuses to continue standing by and not use her ability to help the Justice League when she finds out the world is in crisis. This isn't campy lasso using, invisible plane driving, star spangled banner Linda Carter Wonder Woman either, she's got super strength and truly kicks ass.

As I don't want to give away too much information, I'll leave it as that but the movie will absolutely blow your mind, it's filled with cameos of lesser known heroes and villains (like Lobo and the baddies Mongrul and Sinestro to name a few!) to establish them for the sequel, all while maintaining a consistent "grounded in reality" but not TOO realistic approach that fans like so much today.

The heroes save the day, and the army of "Hunger Dogs" retreat back to Apokolips, where a furious Darkseid punishes Kalibak while Orion begins to question his loyalty to his father. Darkseid then goes to the furthest depths of Apokolips to release a prisoner known only as "Doomsday" and sets the movie up immediately for a sequel following a quick glimpse of the baddest villain in the DC universe. Prepare to be rocked is all I have to say.

Right. To me, this just feels like all of the rumors that we've heard so far, bundled together into a synopsis. The rumors about Superman, which characters will be showing up, the villain, Martian Manhunter, playing Wonder Woman, Lobo cameos, even Green Lantern and whispers of stepping in to play Batman or Nightwing. It's a completely fleshed-out story, but that's just it. Suspiciously well-rounded. Unless... could it be that we really be getting everything we want out of a first Justice League movie? If it's true that Warner Bros. already has someone (or more) working on the script and possibly directing, then it just might be time for relatively credible leaks to start dribbling out from this project. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised that this turns out to be mostly on point.

Do you believe these are spoilers, or are you calling BS? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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