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Now that Legion is over, fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2. The first season wrapped up all the major plot points and tied it in a neat little bow. The was taken care of (relatively speaking) and the gang resolved to work with Division 3 in an effort to deal with on a more permanent basis. Then the mid credits sequence happened.

The Devil with Yellow Eyes from 'Legion' [Credit: Fox]
The Devil with Yellow Eyes from 'Legion' [Credit: Fox]

David and Syd were walking along the compound when a floating metallic ball comes up, scans David, captures him and flies off. Now, the evidence thus far is that it is merely a device sent by or one of the other agencies (if they had mentioned fans would have lose it). But what about something else — something other worldly?

It Could Have An Alien Origin

Lilandra of the Shi'ar Empire [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Lilandra of the Shi'ar Empire [Credit: Marvel Comics]

One of the great things about is the non-linear storytelling devices that the show uses. The majority of the season takes place in David's mind. Now that the Shadow King is free from David, they have lost that non-linear structure. Think of it as the parts of the Matrix that weren't in the Matrix. So, how could they get that structure back? Introduce the Shi'ar, of course!

During the course of the show, producers announced that they were trying to set up a world far divorced from the source material. Despite the fact that they mention The Shadow King by name, had David imagining his father as what looks like in the comics, they didn't a fairly good job. Since Xavier is heavily hinged to be his father, who could his mother be? In the comics it was Gabrielle Haller, but seeing as the show is distancing itself, it could be literally anyone else. Like say, Lilandra of the Shi'ar Empire.

Now, show budgets being what they are, it is unlikely that they cart David off to outer space, but have the Shi'ar based on Earth in order to retrieve him. There was also that kick-ass Pink Floyd song in the season ender from Dark Side of the Moon. So, producers are already laying seeds.

Season 2 Will Be A Ratings Bonanza

Mojo and Spiral [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Mojo and Spiral [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Another aspect speculators seem to be overlooking is the forms the Shadow King took inside of David's mind. There is, of course, Lenny, the Angriest Boy in the World and the most famous Demon with the Yellow Eyes. While the makeup for the last form was certainly spectacular, it bared little resemblance to the Shadow King. Who it did resemble was , an inter-dimensional television programmer from his own universe. Mojo has the long, slender fingers, huge rounded head, and similar facial features. If that is indeed the way the showrunners decide to go, hopefully we will see Longshot and Spiral make an appearance.

A New Sentinel

Sentinel [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Sentinel [Credit: Marvel Comics]

As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this article, Division 3 was debating on sending various codenames after David toward the end of the finale. It is very feasible to assume that the orb could be a version of a Sentinel. Humans have to have something up their sleeve, as David the world breaker (nice homage) is simply out of their league. On several occasions he make light work of their foot soldiers, the last instance making a literal soldier tree. What on Earth would they have to combat that?

To the showrunners' credit, we still don't know what era the show is set in. The '70s is bandied about; however, the coffee machines that tell stories, iPads, and gay marriage, that doesn't seem right. Also, Oliver is in love with '70s fashion — thinking it is up to date — not realizing he's been in the astral plane for decades.

Final Thoughts

Legion had a great first season and has a promising start to the second. With a vast source material to draw from, producers can tell any type of story they wish. With critical and commercial success, studio interference will (in all likelihood) be at a minimum, especially after the success of and . Fox certainly appears to be on the right track for superhero fans.

Go back and watch the promo for the final episode of the season in this video below:


Who do you think will be the Big Bad of season 2?

Blown Away by that finale? Legion will return with a second season of 10 episodes! Sound off in the comments about what you would like to see happen!

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