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The DCEU is in full swing, and later this year we're finally getting our team-up ensemble with Justice League. In this superhero epic, we'll see Batman gather a meta-human super team that'll consist of Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and the hero in question here, Cyborg.

Victor Storm a.k.a. Cyborg is a hero who was first introduced way back in 1980. At first he was a member of the teenage super team Teen Titans, but since 2011 he's been a crucial member of the . This year will see Cyborg's big live-action outing when he'll be played be newcomer, Ray Fisher. So far, we don't know when we're going to see Cyborg's solo movie hit theaters, but people are speculating it'll be in 2020. While waiting in patient anticipation, let's speculate over which villains Cyborg could face in his upcoming solo film.

1. A.M.A.Z.O

Amazo [Credit: DC Comics]
Amazo [Credit: DC Comics]

Amazo is one of the world's first androids, created by Professor Ivo and then later found by Lex Luthor. Amazo has the potential to copy any trait and characteristic of a person just by looking at them. Over the years, he's stolen powers of those in the Justice League and they fought to gain them back.

The cool thing about Amazo is that when he takes a hero's abilities, he also takes their weaknesses. So when he once took Superman's powers in the comics, ultimately he had a weakness to Kryptonite — which Batman took advantage of. It would be super interesting to see him pitted against Cyborg in the movie if he took somebody else's powers, like maybe Superman's?

2. Ron Evers

Ron Evers vs Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]
Ron Evers vs Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]

Ron Evers is the most likely villain we'll see in the solo Cyborg movie, mainly because the pair have such rich history together. Ron Evers and Vic Stone (Cyborg) grew up together as friends, until the day Vic Stone's dad turned him into Cyborg. When Ron Evers founds out about what the team at S.T.A.R Labs were up to, he took it upon himself to rig the place to blow so that there could be no more experiments, like on Vic Stone. This however didn't play well to Cyborg and so the pair fought on the roof of S.T.A.R Labs only for Ron Evers to fall to his death. Miraculously, Ron Evers's body was intact and so the team at S.T.A.R Labs initiated a similar body modification as Cyborg's, so Ron Evers became another half-android being. This didn't play well with Evers who decided his thirst vengeance hadn't been quenched and that his grudge was still there, making him a villain for the Teen Titans, and therefore a villain to Cyborg.

This is a tragic story of a crumbling friendship which would be exceptional to see on the big screen. The only way I could see the solo film not going with Evers is if they save him for Cyborg 2, but I doubt they'll do that.

3. Arthur Light

Arthur Light [Credit: DC Comics]
Arthur Light [Credit: DC Comics]

Doctor Light is an awesome DC villain, who first made his appearance in June 1962 in the issue Justice League of America #12. Arthur Light isn't the most powerful villain on this list, but he is one of the most persistent. When he first came on the scene, he took on the Justice League and failed. This led him to the Teen Titans where he stood a better chance.

Doctor Light has many powers, his most useful one being Photokinesis; this means he can control and manipulate light for his own use. This includes flooding an area in darkness by absorbing all the light, or he can even go so far to close the light on Green Lantern's ever-so-powerful energy constructs. Doctor Light could prove to be a excellent villain for Cyborg's first solo movie, simply because he's not too overpowered for an early-adapting Cyborg.

4. The OMACs

OMAC bots [Credit: DC Comics]
OMAC bots [Credit: DC Comics]

The OMACs are android bots who have had various backstories over the years, but for the Cyborg solo I think we'll get the newer storyline. The new OMACs are bots that are controlled by Batman's Brother Eye technology. This powerful technology was used to keep an eye on all the meta-humans in the world by using a very powerful satellite. Brother Eye is featured in the latest DC game, Injustice 2 and there was also a similar technology in The Dark Knight which used to hunt down the Joker.

For the Cyborg solo film, I reckon Brother Eye will get in the wrong hands of somebody and it'll be up to Cyborg to use his hacking skills to get it back. In the meantime, he'll have to deal with the OMACs as they threaten to wipe out innocent civilians.

5. No Villain

The Metal Men & Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]
The Metal Men & Cyborg [Credit: DC Comics]

The next outcome I'd like to delve into is the possibility of no villain in the Cyborg film, but rather a journey of discovery for Vic Stone himself. Redditor Lyfultruth is the first person I've seen propose this theory, and this is how he put it:

"The idea is that the Metal Men come to Victor to ask for his help regarding a man in China they think was involved in their accident. This man? August General in Iron. The film constantly spins off his, actually heroic, actions as villainous through Platinum's stories. After fighting some of The Great Ten, Cyborg and the Metal Men confront August. Only for him to recognise Platinum as his daughter. Cyborg then puts two and two together and manages to resolve their conflict, which I'm imagining as little more than a father daughter spat. He uses his knowledge of conflicts between father and son, his leadership skills and his ability to understand problems to do this.

The film is set up to have Victor recording a video diary of what's happening, because Batman said it would help clear his mind. The ending reveals Batman is showing said video to the other members of the League. He's trying to convince them that Victor is the best choice to lead the Titans. He succeeds."

If you read this passage and you're slightly confused, let me clear up some stuff for you. Firstly, the Metal Men are a gang of superheroes first introduced in 1962, they comprise of: Gold, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Platinum and Tin. These heroes were created by genius scientist Dr. William Magnus, and Lyfultruth's theory proposes that Cyborg will help the Metal Men find their creator and resolve their mystery. In the midst of all this, Cyborg will capture all this on video and show it to Batman proving he's a perfect candidate for the Justice League.

All of these villains are just as likely as each other, but if I had to pick one I'd like to see it'd have to be Ron Evers, simply because his amazing backstory with Cyborg. It would make for an amazing first solo outing for Cyborg and not to mention one of DC's most emotional movies yet!

Let me know which villain you guys would love to see in the Cyborg solo film!


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