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It's a little after 6pm. You and your family and friends are full of turkey, stuffing, and all sorts of Thanksgiving treats. Maybe you're not excited to watch whatever NFL game is on TV (or you were outvoted by your family). So, what do you watch? There are probably a million television channels and there will be nothing on that is worth watching. However, through the magic of digital downloads and rentals, there is almost nothing you can't find to watch on TV, even during the holidays. So I have decided to give you 12 alternative, fun things to watch that will appeal to everyone regardless of what kind of movie everyone wants to watch.

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

Possibly the most enjoyment you will have watching a comics movie. is easily the most fun of any comic book movie that has ever come out. On top of that, while it may be rated PG-13, it's a movie that can be viewed by an audience younger than 13 years old. The comedy is gold, the action is great and the moral of the story is told without being to preachy. It's a perfect movie to watch after dinner and great for background noise during dinner.

2. Shrek

is a movie to watch that both kids and adults can enjoy. It has all the elements of a kids movie like fart jokes and talking animals and also a lot of adult jokes that kids won't get. It's also the greatest love story ever told because it teaches kids and adults what true love really is — it's all about being and accepting yourself and the person you love for who they are. So what if you are burping, farting, angry ogre with an annoying best friend? Who cares if you are a woman who kicks all sorts of but and isn't really a dainty damsel in distress? What matters is that you love each other. Shrek and Fiona are what REAL relationship goals look like.

3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

A classic movie involving a drunk detective and a cartoon rabbit who can't get his life together. Despite the premise of the movie and how silly it is, this movie has some really deep and heartwarming moments. Eddie Valiant getting over his former life and hatred to help save a bunch of people he unjustifiably hates is a lesson that people might want to hear. Funny, heartfelt AND you get the hottest cartoon character ever created, Jessica Rabbit. This may not be a movie for kids with all the cartoon deaths, but if you are a household with teenagers and older, it'll work out great.

4. Tangled

People forget about Gothel when talking about the most heinous villains of all time. She steals a baby, keeps the young girl hostage for years and tells her it's too dangerous to leave, and uses her to keep herself young. THEN when she escapes and finds a guy that genuinely likes her, tricks Rapunzel into thinking he's a jerk just out for money. Don't be shocked by how horrible this sounds — it's a movie. They mask the horrible moments with songs and cute interactions between the two main characters and a funny iguana and horse. A movie that is one of my two favorite Disney movies of all time.

5. 30 Rock

is one of the most quotable televisions shows I have ever seen. It's a hilarious show that picks fun of every genre. Black, white, religious, gay, straight, and whatever else is under thew sun — no one is safe. If you're wondering about never seeing the show, don't fret. You can pick any random episode and laugh. The characters are who they are and the stories are easy enough to follow. So jump in and enjoy! Plus, there is a Thanksgiving episode (kind of) called "Reaganing."

6. Marvel's Avengers

If there is one movie I am thankful for, it's Marvel's . If not for this movie being such a hit, we may not have gotten Black Panther, Batman V Superman, or Guardians of the Galaxy. It may have taken a few movies to bring the Avengers together, but you don't need to watch two movies, , and to enjoy Marvel's Avengers. Avengers is the reason we will be getting a movie. It also proved that you can have a superhero team action movie that isn't dark and depressing.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret Of The Ooze

If you are feeling a bit nostalgic after talking to family about good childhood memories, this is a perfect movie to pop in. Secret of The Ooze doesn't have the explosions, fight scenes, and CGI that the new has, but it's a better movie. Secret of The Ooze relies on the characters and jokes rather than special effect to make a good movie. Leonardo may not stab people with his katana blades, but Michelangelo DOES uses sausage link nunchuks and we honor the sacred tradition of the "pre-fight donut."

8. Pirates Of The Caribbean

No longer are pirates known for being nothing but drunken, violent thieves. They are now drunken, violent and ENTERTAINING thieves. Blackbeard may have been the most popular pirate once upon a time, but Captain Jack Sparrow has since become the biggest pirate of all time. Jack Sparrow seems like a joke and a coward, but he is not someone to be taken lightly. He can and will fight you, and if he can't win, he'll cheat. Jack Sparrow should be thankful he hasn't died yet. Wait — he should be thankful he didn't stay dead.

9. Elf

Sure, it's not December and Thanksgiving isn't over yet, but why not get yourself in the mood for Christmas with everyone's new favorite Christmas movie. is one of those movies that make it impossible to not smile, no matter how angry you are. Will Ferrell plays Buddy and is so happy and optimistic that you can't help but be happy while you're watching it. So, when you are tired of guests and they are being annoying or ridiculous, pop this movie in and go to your happy place.

10. Austin Powers

You could watch James Bond and sit through two hours of him taking down bad guys and bedding women. OR you could watch do the same thing with more jokes and a villain with more personality. Austin Powers has everything James Bond does, but with a lot more levity. Some of the jokes are a bit perverse at times, but it's done in a tasteful way. Get it? Tasteful? Thanksgiving food? YEAH, BABY!

11. Big Trouble In Little China

This is by far my favorite action movie of all time and should be the blueprint for action flicks. Great action sequences, a fun heroic duo charged with saving the world, a love interest that doesn't get too mushy, and an evil and diabolical villain with great comedic timing.This is Kurt Russell at his finest playing Jack Burton — a man just trying to get his truck back.

12. Robin Hood: Men In Tights

What better way to finish off this list than with a classic spoof. Mel Brooks's Robin Hood Men in Tights came out a couple of years after Kevin Costner's Robin (Brooks making it a point to point out that HIS Robin Hood had an English accent). This may not have been Mel Brooks's greatest work, but it's still among his classic stories. breaks down all of the silly things that haven't been pointed out in other Robin Hood movies. For example: Why does Robin always get another shot at the bullseye after he loses? An older movie, but still one of the great comedies of the '90s.

Do you have any movie or TV traditions on Thanksgiving? Let me know in the comments below.


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