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Darren Aronofsky's upcoming psychological horror film mother! has been shrouded in secrecy since its inception, but since the movie is from the creator of The Fountain and Requiem for a Dream, that mystery has drawn us in. Now there's a new tantalizing tease related to the movie.

Originally we knew only that star Jennifer Lawrence signed on to the project in October 2015. After a two-month production schedule that ran through summer '16, we've finally seen a teaser and a full trailer.

As we near the film's mid-September release date, the studio has debuted a new mind-bending poster for the film indicating the descent into madness experienced by at least one character.

Check it out:

'Mother!' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]
'Mother!' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

Whether by sheer luck or determination, one golden-eyed Reddit user saw something in the poster. Investigating further with Photoshop, a secret URL was found hidden right down the middle of the poster.

All that needs to be done is to take the poster into Photoshop and show only the "blue alpha channel" in order to discover the secret URL,

That link opens a kaleidoscope that rotates as the mouse is scrolled to the left or right, with it lining up every couple of scrolls to reveal Lawrence in a different pose from the poster, while Javier Bardem is kept the same.

More interesting is that, when the rotation is aligned to show the performers and the title, a circle appears in the center of the screen. Click on that, and you'll find an exclusive clip.

The clip, roughly a minute long, focuses on a tense conversation between Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer, about whether Lawrence should have a baby or if she even wants one. The tone and conversation become more menacing as the clip progresses. It ends with a chaotic montage of clips mostly seen in the trailer, with one interesting exception: a man being engulfed in flames.

While the trailer shows there are plenty of unknown men invading the privacy of the characters' home, it's interesting to note this man looks just like Bardem. (As hinted by another recent poster.) Whether this is a nightmare sequence or a tragic ending, the secret clip and that image have only increased our interest in this film.

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