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War is a terrifying endeavor; has been for centuries. The concept of taking lives on a massive scale, regardless of any nationally-condoned motivation, is horrific. That universal understanding of the nightmarish qualities of warfare might explain why an entire subgenre of war-horror exists. I quite enjoy this type of horror flick, and if the recently-revealed plot and poster are any indication, I can't wait to check out 's No Man's Land.

From the website of AV Pictures...

"The Western Front, 1916. The daily struggle for survival in the trenches of World War One is terrifying enough, but the battle-weary English troops soon discover a new foe lurks on the battlefield, one far more malignant than their German opponents. An ancient race of creatures have emerged from their subterranean lair to feast on the corpses of the fallen, and no mere soldier can stand in their way. Only one lone corporal stands against them, but faced with a supernatural enemy, the forces of the German army, and the vicious sadism of his commanding officer, can he possibly survive the horrors of NO MAN'S LAND?"

I really enjoyed Hogan's vignette within the rather bizarre horror anthology Little Deaths and I am stoked to see what he does with this conceit. You can also check out the poster below. Thoughts?

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