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Mark Newton

If you're looking for innovative, creative and intriguing cinema, you really can't do much better than casting your eyes over to South Korea. The small, but cinematically influential, nation is a powerhouse of exciting original movies. Take for example, 's highly anticipated sci-fi Snowpiercer.

The English language film is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the Earth's survivors are herded onto a massive, perpetually in motion, train called the Snowpiercer. With cramped living conditions and resources running low, a revolution against Snowpiecer's richer denizens soon begins to brew.

Snowpiercer doesn't just boast an interesting plot, it also has a rather high-caliber cast. We've now got nine character posters which show them in their grimy glory.

What do you think? Will you making the effort to catch Snowpiecer when it arrives in August? Let me know below.


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