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The history of cinema past is littered with tales of actors passing up roles that could have changed their careers. Sometimes they refused roles due to creative reason, sometimes because of scheduling clashes, or in the case of and The Lord of the Rings because he didn't understand the script. Whatever the reasons for these casting near misses, the movie landscape would have looked a hell of a lot different (and in many cases infinitely worse) if film producers' original casting choice had taken the role. Just imagine if had slipped into Patrick Bateman's expensive and bloody shoes in American Psycho or if and had got their cowboy on (and much more) for Brokeback Mountain.

The guys over at Wild Ammo have created some posters showing what a movie might have looked like if they had followed their original casting. Some of them are funny, some of the them are downright bizarre, but all of them are intriguing if only to ask "what if?"

Check them out.

OJ Simpson as Terminator would have been so weird.

What do guys think about these posters? Do you think any of the movies would have been improved if they had stuck with their original casting choices?

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