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DC Comics is taking a daring step into Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime's territory with its very own streaming service in 2018. Some people think this is crazy, but over the years has accumulated so much material that could theoretically work, offering viewers plenty of material to binge watch.

There's one key aspect that DC needs to keep working on: new content to keep fans interested. However, this shouldn't be a problem with the vast number of characters and concepts to work with from the comics. Here are seven possible shows DC could deliver with their new streaming service!

(Note: Titans will be excluded, as well as all Vertigo Comics.)

1. Flashpoint

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

I don't see why Fox wouldn't allow Thomas Wayne to play Batman since I highly doubt they'll will use him in . Flashpoint Batman is one of the most popular characters, and fans would love if he was the main character. Plus, there's a huge war going around them. This takes place in a different world, which makes it perfect to adapt and change whatever the writers need to in order to make a more compelling story. How awesome would it be to see an older, extreme version of Batman taking down scoundrels on a nightly basis (or does that sound too much like Arrow and BvS)?

2. Red Hood And The Outlaws (Rebirth)

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

This show should be just like all of 's shows on — violent, grimy and wildly entertaining. Red Hood is an interesting character who does not play by the rules. This unholy trinity are all antiheroes, and it'd be a nice change pace from all the other DC superhero shows on TV.

Bizzaro might pose a challenge due to budgetary constraints, but there are always ways around that. Plus, it's always entertaining watching people trying to find redemption from their past misdeeds. This show could also work in the same universe as Titans, and the writers could have a field day walking the fine line between good and evil.

3. Batman Detective Comics Or Batman Incorporated (Without Batman)

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

I just don't see Bruce Wayne's appearing in any live-action television shows. Quite frankly, they don't even need the caped crusader to have a successful show. Kate Kane could take charge and lead Batman's understudies against the criminal underworld of Gotham. The show is ripe with great family drama that people love.

(Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics Rebirth)

In Detective Comics' latest arc, Kate Kane's father leads a group called The Colony against Batman. They're really well organized and they're fighting against a bigger threat called the League of Shadows. Oh yeah, it's run by Cassandra Cain's mom, Shiva. Now that's some great family drama! This show would be immensely popular by introducing the world to the rest of the bat family.

4. An Injustice World

This may be a tough sell due to how expansive the games and the comics are (plus, the budget would be outrageous), but what if they decided to focus on two lesser-known characters that are fighting on separate sides?

The writers could get a lot of mileage out of this concept. Remember, it can be different from the comics and the game, making the likes of Tim Drake and Damian Wayne the best two candidates. Or, DC could go a different route and make it just like The Americans. Now, that's a show I'd love to see!

5. Deathstroke

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

As of now, no one is really sure if we're going to see him in the DCEU. He's already the best villain in the Arrowverse and his show could focus on him trying to reunite his family (even though it turns out that most of them are all killers, but that's the main selling point). Slade Wilson is one of coolest characters and seeing him taking contracts with his family just screams must-see television. Or, maybe some of us just need therapy? Anyhoo, this show could be violent without any restrictions.

6. Earth-2 Society

Steppenwolf destroyed the Trinity and a bunch of new heroes rose to save the day. These characters are basically the Justice Society, but branded differently. Their Earth was destroyed, but someone thought ahead and built them a new one. It'd be awesome to see these heroes try to maintain order on a new Earth, and also try to get over losing so many people. They could focus on Richard Grayson, the new Batman, and the fact he's looking for his kid. If DC does it right, it wouldn't cost nearly as much as you'd think.

7. Swamp Thing And Animal Man

'Batman 23' by Mitch Gerads [Credit: DC Comics]
'Batman 23' by Mitch Gerads [Credit: DC Comics]

Most fans would be happy with a show from either one of these characters, but just imagine a buddy-cop drama with these two hunting down the bad guys. To cut costs, they could just have Swamp Thing pretend to be Alec Holland for the most part. This show could get political, talking about saving the planet and how poorly animals are treated. DC could use source material from Alan Moore and Grant Morrison to give us a truly unique show. All right, this one may just may be some fanboy's dream.

The new DC Comics streaming service will start off with Titans and : Outsiders to get people interested. Plus, they have so many cartoon series, shows, animated movies and live-action movies to keep people interested for a while. However, soon they'll need to think of new programming — hopefully they're paying attention.


Which show would you like to see the most?


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