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In the most recent episode of , Ollie and the gang were distraught at the reveal that Laurel Lance was, in fact, Black Siren from Earth 2. Not content to give up on his friend (or at least someone who looks A LOT like her), Oliver has vowed not to let the name of Laurel Lance go down in infamy.

Cut to Hub City, where a young, attractive lady can be found in a bar being accosted by two mouth-breathing predators. They were taken care of in light order by her sonic scream, the signature power by Laurel Lance from either Earth — one technology-based, one an actual Meta ability. It remains a mystery where this new player attained her special ability. The casting name reads Tina Boland, but that could be a fake name dropped until the actual character name is revealed. Until then, I’ve compiled a list of possible iterations of the character the producers could use.

1. Dinah Drake

'Black Canary' {Credit: DC Comics] Art by Alex Ross
'Black Canary' {Credit: DC Comics] Art by Alex Ross

Dinah Drake was the name of the original Black Canary who first appeared in the golden age of comics in backup stories to Johnny Thunder. Proving to be more popular, Dinah eventually got her own series and the rest is history. Eventually, she married Larry Lance. After retconning an extremely convoluted story about doppelgängers, Dinah would go on to inspire Dinah Laurel Lance, her daughter, to become the second .

The show has already touched on this aspect with Laurel being inspired by her sister, Sarah, to become the Black Canary, but this would be a neat way to bring the Drake name into the fray. The show has already played loose with names, as Larry was changed to Quentin and Dinah going by her middle name of Laurel so it would be that far of a stretch to use a variation of Drake.

2. Olivia Queen

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Way back in the '90s, published a miniseries called Kingdom Come, which dealt with the then established future of the . A major aspect of the series was on the next generation of the heroes. For our purposes we will focus on Olivia Queen, daughter of Oliver Queen and Dinah lance. Taking the names of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Arrowette (pick one, lady), she served to bring up the legacy of her heroic parents.

Obviously, she can’t be Oliver’s daughter at this stage of the game; however, she could be an alternate Earth version or possibly a hidden sister that Oliver never knew about. Robert Queen openly stated that he wasn’t the best guy in the world and Oliver’s mother wasn’t always faithful either. Given that this season is about legacy, with Prometheus being the son of one of Oliver’s names from the book and Talia Al Ghul (I’m calling it now), it is entirely feasible to say that he had a secret child in Hub City. Plus, Olivia could take on the name of Black Canary or Arrowette and stay faithful to the comic. Seeing as the current Arrowette betrayed the team, the name may be up for grabs soon enough.

3. Tina Boland

'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Arrow' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

When speculating about our favorite shows, sometimes we tend to overthink the situation. Perhaps Tina Boland is, in fact, her secret identity. But what about her code name? While doing research for this article, Black Canary has consistently been named Dinah Lance or some variation thereof. The only other instances were characters that had taken the name of Black Canary but not given civilian identities, as they were usually minor characters. There were a couple of Earth 2 variations who were names White Cat, and a variation called Scream Queen. There was another alternate version called Black Condor, but that was from a universe where all the heroes were gender swapped. There have even been versions that were African American, but as we’ve already seen that a Caucasian plays the role, we can rule them out.

Final Thoughts

The mystery will certainly deepen as the season progresses. We still have the mystery of Prometheus, Oliver bitching out for letting Black Siren escape (dammit, Barry!), and Vigilante trying to get Diggle free without going ape and killing an Army general. The rest of the season certainly has enough going on, and the mystery of the new Black Canary promises to be one of the more interesting aspects of the coming months. We’ll have to keep out ears open. This is what it will sound like when black canaries cry.

Need more clues? Here's the trailer for next weeks episode:

Who do you think could be the next Black Canary?


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