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Well I see you’ve come back for more of my Batman villain choices. Now before I reveal the list, here’s a link to my first list. This list will show other villains I didn’t cover. Also want to add this won‘t go into full details on my choices so if any questions I‘ll answer them in the comment box below, shall we begin?

Harvey Dent/Two-Face:

Ahhh Two- Face a handsome fellow I may say on the left side of his face but the right side don’t get me started! I mean no of course not Harvey you look great and I choose . The guy is always a smirk pretty boy who’s always an evil prick on the low. I think he has the looks and acting chops to play Harvey Dent/ Two-Face. I will also add Sasha Roiz but I’m very unfamiliar with his work but I added him to the list for reader

Emmanuel-Dante Kealiikanauau Kanaluhoohua Adolpho shouted him out, so you’re welcome Emmanuel!

Mr. Freeze:


It’s cold as f*ck up in here! I choose The big bad man . The Danish actor is known for playing his villains which he does very well, in movies such as Casino Royale and as Hannibal Lector in the TV Show. Just listening to him talk you can tell how intelligent he is, and he has a passion for acting which I find very rare in the business. So check out this Youtube video out and tell me what you think I also had him as a darker Lex Luthor.

Mad Hatter:

Hello Andy is that you? Come on dude stop dressing up as Gollum jeez! I choose for his high amounts of charisma and energy on screen. To me has the face for the role. What else do you want? He’s a very talented actor who plays many of our beloved characters; from a hobbit that turned into a monster to a talking chimp that wants to rule the world!

Poison Ivy:

Madam . I’ve seen in her in so many movies and wow what an amazing talented actress she is! So many of these writers pick these young girls saying "yea she’s hot or sexy and yea she fits so whatever". Stupid crap like that. No you need a mature, classy, beautiful woman not a little talentless girl. With movies from Jolene, Lawless, The Tree Life (very good movie), Mama, The Help, and of course Zero Dark Thirty where she shined as the legit CIA agent that found Bin Laden. Jessica is the right choice for me and if you disagree oh well you’re missing out on great talent.

Cat Woman:

There are moments in movie history where you step back and think “ Why Hollywood why didn’t you choose this actor?!” Without further ado I give you ladies and gentlemen. The woman has filled in the shoes in Underworld and she is force not to be reckoned with! I chose her for her healthy way of life (I read she stays in tip top shape and is willing enough to study the character if needed). She can take direction very well, now I would like to see her in more movies. Why not give this woman a chance in a Batman movie as the "in your face" Cat Woman she is?


Oh Lord please have mercy for I will be stuffed with ignorant comments for these choices. We all should know by now Bane is a Fiction Latin based character. Sadly it’s hard to find someone big as Bane that’s Latin but with simple make up we can fix that! I have more than one choice which are who is a giant! I mean just when you thought he couldn’t get any bigger from pain & gain he did for the role of Hercules! He has the right look and maybe could pull off a accent also with Dwayne has load of personality which eh can bring for the character also show intelligence oh to help people with this choice Dwayne can do his stunts! Next is who I actually wanted as Bruce Wayne/Batman (please don’t ask why maybe another article). He has the looks which is a no brainer, and this a perfect opportunity for him to show off his hidden acting chops. Lastly I choose the 6ft giant from the Outback Mr. ! Ok if you don’t know who he is well he’s the big guy from Troy that Achilles faced (his name was Boagriusby). Pretty much a bad s.o.b. Sadly I’m not sure if he could be used as Bane because then he would be the grunting brawn Bane who isn’t smart or intelligent. Well maybe he could be intelligent but doesn’t talk much, readers you choose.

Ra's Al Ghul:

which is strange for me, I’ve always liked him as an actor but I don’t choose him for many roles, to me he fits the role of Ra’s and in Iron Man 3 he proved to me he can be a villain (also don’t say that he played a villain in Marvel it won’t happen). Trust me actors have been doing this for many movies from superhero to action movies- it can happen. This choice isn’t a giant thumbs up but just someone I wouldn’t mind taking the role and being serious with the character. Snap, one last thing- I remember why I chose him. I was watching the cartoon version of Ra’s and really thought he looked similar to Guy.


Talia Al Ghul:

These two women people will disagree I know for sure (or have never heard of them) but I say for Talia. Katrina is from the hit series Spartacus on Starz she played the very fierce warrior slave Mira and lover of Spartacus. I really want her as Wonder Woman but looking at her and her characteristics as an actress she fits very well with Talia from the comics, from looks to personality. She’s a very fun spirited person from what I can tell with interviews and she’s in excellent shape. To add one more thing for Katrina she’s Asian mixed if you look closely at her face, giving her a distinguished look so it doesn’t look like another typical Caucasian actress putting on a costume on and saying to fans "I’m this person". But clearly her name doesn’t even match the looks.

Second choice is one I’m sticking with is from the movie AVP (Aliens vs. Predator). Almost everything I’ve named about Katrina are the same for Sanaa. To me she has the looks for Tailia, and despite her being African American I still think she can be the same Tailia just different in skin tone. All you have to do is say Ra’s raised her as one of his own and bam- continue on with story. Both are great actresses that I would love to see play this specific role.

The Penguin:

I mean this was already too easy, and when I looked up if anyone else had the same idea as me...well yes they did! was born to play Oswald Coblepott (aka The Penguin), seriously readers what else do you need me to say? He has the looks and is an English actor with amazing talent as an actor. Long live Hoskins.


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