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Many fans have argued that the has been nothing but letdowns so far. As a huge fan of Gotham City Sirens, I'm hoping their movie adaptation will not fall into that trap.

It is a chance to expand 's character and make her more than just the Joker's lover. and would also finally shine in live-action film for a new generation. Additionally, Gotham City Sirens could be the long-awaited groundbreaker for positive and female representation that we desperately need in comic book cinema.

While the elements above would be beneficial for the characters and DC's movie realm, Sirens could easily be a misstep with fans and critics if the wrong choices are made. Here are four potential pitfalls we hope they avoid.

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1. Oversexualization

Margot Robbie gifted us with an incredible and fun performance of Harley in . But, the most common criticism associated with her rendition was the skimpy costume she wore. Though Harley is no stranger to wearing such attire in the comics, many believe that Suicide Squad focused more on her figure than her character. Ivy and Catwoman have also fallen into the same tropes, as their looks and seductive nature often become the emphasis of their storylines.

'DC Showcase: Catwoman' [Credit: Warner Home Video]
'DC Showcase: Catwoman' [Credit: Warner Home Video]

It's important to know the three women are usually portrayed as being in total control over their sexuality. That notion is rare in comics (and media in general), and also quite powerful. But once it becomes overdone and gratuitous, controversy will arise and the chance to focus on what really makes these characters special could be lost.

When it comes to the Sirens, sensuality should never exclusively define them or their vast complexities. Their movie deserves to soar above that and take time to highlight the richness of this three-dimensional trio. Reducing them to objects will only take away from creating a truly meaningful movie for the audience.

2. Ignoring Harley And Ivy's Romance

When Sirens was announced, many of us immediately wondered if we would get to see Harley and Ivy's relationship come to life on the big screen. The couple had an instant connection on Batman: The Animated Series that has evolved into a much deeper relationship over the years. Ivy never fails to offer genuine support to Harley, constantly reassuring her that she's stronger without the Joker. The adorable bond they share makes them one of the most famous and loved LGBT couples in comics today.

Embracing this romance in Sirens would be true to the comics that many of us admire, but it is much more crucial than that. It would also be an incredible opportunity to depict lead bisexual characters in a positive relationship and make headway for LGBT representation.

Furthermore, the dynamic of this relationship brings the characters' intricacies to light: Ivy, who would rather isolate herself from mankind and only find solace in flora, has finally found a human connection. Harley, sadly accustomed to abuse and manipulation from the Joker, can finally experience true love and encouragement. It would be enchanting to see such an inspiring couple blossom together on screen.

'DC Comics: Bombshells #42' [Credit: DC Comics]
'DC Comics: Bombshells #42' [Credit: DC Comics]

3. Clashes Within The Team

Harley, Ivy and Selina have definitely had their fair share of fights. While the Gotham City Sirens comic series was wonderfully written and featured their strengths, the conflicts between the girls were a little too heavy. In one instance, Ivy and Harley escaped from Arkham Asylum with plans to kill Selina.

'Gotham City Sirens #26' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Gotham City Sirens #26' [Credit: DC Comics]

These characters are fearless and strong individuals, but they work even better as a team. Implementing this core idea would send an empowering message about sisterhood. Accentuating altercations would do the opposite.

A worthy example of how powerful and unified this alliance truly is can be found in Catwoman #83. Harley and Ivy immediately came to Selina's rescue and risked their lives to save her sister from a reincarnated Black Mask.

Catwoman refers to Harley and Ivy as her sisters in 'Catwoman #83.' [Credit: DC Comics]
Catwoman refers to Harley and Ivy as her sisters in 'Catwoman #83.' [Credit: DC Comics]

4. Too Much Joker

Yes, it's probably inevitable that the Joker will appear in Sirens, but too much Joker would pull focus and take attention away from the team.

Additionally, his relationship with Harley could also overshadow the story. Rather than give us the romanticized version of their relationship again, this film could give Harley a chance to rise above the abuse, discover that she deserves better and ultimately, leave him behind. And who better to help her through every step of the way than Ivy and Selina? Even Margot Robbie would advise Harley to find love elsewhere and stand by her girls.

Hopefully, Sirens will give us emotion, entertainment and an accurate depiction of the characters, but only time will tell. As further details on the movie are expected to drop this year, we'll be keeping an eye on the development of this team's first cinematic adventure.

What do you think could make or break Gotham City Sirens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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