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To fans of Family Guy, watching Brian Griffin (the dog) getting run over and killed by a car two weeks ago, was naturally a nasty surprise. But it seems that in the latest episode, it is Peter Griffin who is at the centre of another plot shocker.

Peter Griffin, Family Guy say that:

In the episode, Peter and Quagmire rise to fame as a singing duo. Peter and Quagmire have a falling out, and Peter returns home to be with his family. However, Quagmire eventually shows up at the Griffin’s house as well, telling Peter that all the success would mean nothing if he lost his best friend. When Meg tells Peter that she’s glad to have him back, Peter says, 'I am glad to be here, because everyone knows that life after being famous is even better than it was before. Let me just grab my stuff off the bus.' However, when Peter goes onto the bus, he appears to commit suicide. There is flash of a light on the bus, and the shadows on the bus show Peter shooting himself in the head.

The ambiguous scene happens quickly leaving many viewers baffled. Is it really some sick gag or is Peter Griffin truly dead?

As report, many viewers took to Twitter in an attempt to fathom what had happened:




As note, Peter Griffin is listed in the Christmas Guy episode, but this could always be part of a ploy to confuse viewers, for Brian Griffin was similarly listed for this week’s Into Harmony’s Way episode, though he never appeared.


What do you guys think? Surely the creators wouldn't be cold enough to kill off TWO key characters at Christmas time. That would be unholy. What are your thoughts?



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