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Matt Carter

Some more plot details and potential spoilers have emerged for 's sci-fi movie Interglactic Pastoral, sorry I mean Interstellar, which suggest that aliens might be getting all up in the grill of our band of human explorers.

Part of the movie is being filmed in Iceland and Desde Hollywood apparently has a source on set who has divulged the following info:

Desde Hollywood just learned through an inside source that their new location, Iceland, has already seen major action: A Spaceship crash! I am also told that models for some sort of Drones have also been created. A bigger aircraft will be featured. Something my source refers to as The Mother Ship.

The plot is shrouded in secrecy so I have no idea if the Mother Ship in question is home to a bunch of aliens or if it belongs to the group of human explorers, but it's for sure an intriguing development.

Here's a scientific equation:

Nolan + (possible) aliens = take my money now.

Thoughts on these potential Interstellar spoilers? Excited about what Nolan can do with aliens?


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