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Mark Newton

Let's face it, Up is the best Pixar movie out there. It's got a talking dog, an exotic setting and one of the most heart-wrenching relationships of any movie.

To celebrate this fact, here are some of Up's saddest GIFs. Get the tissues ready.

Oh look, they're all happy making a home together, but soon she'll be dead! Oh goodness! Why must people die?!

Aww jeez, old people still being all lovey gets me right in the heart.

Oh no! She's old and frail! One day I'll be like this! Damn you linear progression of time! Damn you to hell!

OK, seriously tearing up now...

But she never got to visit South America!

Old man at funeral with just one balloon? What are you doing to me Pixar?!

I'm not crying. I've just been cutting onions... Honestly...

Ah no! Black and white?! Extra sad!

Oh a nice doggy! Perhaps this will cheer me up? NO! Because the dog is sad too!

Look at his face! Look at his sad, love filled face!

In conclusion:


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