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The Power Rangers reboot had the unenviable task of trying to modernize one of the most beloved properties of the ‘90s. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a large part of a lot of millennials' childhoods, and the property carries a lot of nostalgia with it. Luckily, the filmmakers behind the 2017 remake treated the franchise's legacy with the respect it deserves. Undoubtedly, one of the most iconic elements of this iconic franchise is the Power Rangers suits. Originally, the MMPR suits were just lycra jumpsuits, but for the reboot, the filmmakers opted for a fresh and modern take.

The suits in Power Rangers were basically alien armor suits, but they still maintained some of the features of the suits. The suits didn’t wow us in the trailers, but once we saw them in the film, they looked a lot better – much like Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, turns out that the Ranger suits could have looked very different — and as this newly released concept art shows, a lot more alien.

Red Ranger Alternate Costume

Power Rangers [Credit: Mauricio Ruiz]
Power Rangers [Credit: Mauricio Ruiz]

Mauricio Ruiz was one of the conceptual artists on Power Rangers, and helped draft the design for the new suits. Ruiz took to his ArtStation account to share a few unused suit designs from Power Rangers. Ruiz had this to say regarding how he envisioned the suits, and what influence he drew from:

This was a couple passes of the Red Ranger Suit. The goal was aiming for an organic motorcycle racing suit type of thickness and weight to the forms.

This concept art is very interesting, and fits into the more alien direction Power Rangers was going for in its new lore. Yet it almost looks too alien; the Red Ranger looks like he belongs in Mass Effect more than Power Rangers here. This could've been a viable design for Zordon, who is an alien and would have a different humanoid body type; however, it still doesn't quite chime with the franchise.

Power Rangers [Credit: Mauricio Ruiz]
Power Rangers [Credit: Mauricio Ruiz]

The next image looks a lot more human, but it almost looks like they borrowed the skinless musculature look from infamous MMPR villain Lord Zedd. It has a bio-suit look to it, and still has that alien Green Lantern-type aesthetic to it. If the suit in the first picture was meant for Zordon, this suit would be the same suit fitted for Jason once he gained the power.

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The issue with these two versions is that they are almost a complete departure from the MMPR suits. The final version of suits contained several nods to the old ones, and fans still complained they were too different. If these suits were used, the phrase: “I don’t know what this is, but it isn’t Power Rangers” would've been used a lot.

Power Rangers [Credit: Lionsgate]
Power Rangers [Credit: Lionsgate]

The suits we got in the film looked awesome, but as fans, we will always be attached to those silly jumpsuits from MMPR. In the end, the Power Rangers reboot did exactly what it intended to do, and brought the lore of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to a new generation. Hopefully, the sequels will explore more of the lore and we can dive deeper into the Power Rangers mythos. You can catch Power Rangers in theaters now.

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(Source: ArtStation)


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