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Do you remember those gooey aliens from the '90s we all thought if you rubbed their heads together, or incubated them in slime, they would reproduce? Well, looking at Dean Israelite's reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, it seems that is the look they were going for when creating shiny sidekick Alpha 5.

'Alpha 5' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
'Alpha 5' [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

The first for Alpha 5 has been released, and safe to say, Saban Films is definitely distancing itself from what came before.

Warning: If you don't want your childhood to be ruined, turn back now!

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I Alpha-bet He Sucks

'Alpha 5' [Credit: Saban Films]
'Alpha 5' [Credit: Saban Films]

The thing with Alpha 5 was he was incredibly annoying, like a post-Phantom Menace Jar Jar Binks, but as a kid, you didn't really mind. How well the giggling, wobbly sidekick will fit into a world of 's witchy Rita Repulsa and angsty teen Rangers remains to be seen.

To me, Alpha was always an Anthony Daniels-esque man dressed as a robot, but it turns out the reboot is really hammering home the alien concept of the film. It's bye bye nuts and bolts, hello bloated belly. The original series had a muddling series of origins for where the Rangers really got their powers, but the 2017 film is going for a Spielberg-themed alien origin tale.

'Farscape' [Credit: Hallmark Entertainment]
'Farscape' [Credit: Hallmark Entertainment]

Alpha's signature sherbet UFO head has been replaced with a globe of the Earth and the new version looks a bit like Pilot from Farscape. There is certainly no denying that Alpha 5 fits the darker looking for us gritty millennials. At least Alpha is in the safe(ish) hands of Bill Hader, who will be providing the voice. Fun fact, Hader was a voice consultant for BB-8, the rolling bot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The next question is on where Zordon — Alpha's giant-headed overlord — is. Bryan Cranston will be providing the voice of the giant head in a jar and leader of the Rangers. If this is what they have done to Alpha, who knows what horrors face Zordon.

It has me screaming "why-ai-yi" at the screen. What's next, Jurassic Park hyper-realistic Barney the Dinosaur? A little bit more of the '90s has just died, 2016 really does suck!

Check out the trailer for the 2017 reboot, and don't forget our poll below!


What do you think of the "rebooted" Alpha 5?

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