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They are legends in their own right, but DC Comics' superheroes have often sought out other superhero teams for help — even teaming up with groups owned by other companies. One such team-up in progress right now is the Justice League / Power Rangers miniseries. It's pretty much your typical team-up comic, with some stunning variant covers that have to be seen to be believed. But could this kind of team-up ever happen in the movies?

The 'Power Ranger' Franchise

The imminent Power Rangers reboot looks like tremendous fun, and it's one of my eagerly-anticipated films of the year. It's an open secret that Lionsgate is hoping the movie will perform well enough at the box office to become a film franchise in its own right. Given the depth of characterization hinted at in the trailers, I think they have a good chance.

The real question, though, is whether we could ever see the kind of crossover / team-up we know and love from the comics. Certainly, key figures in the franchise would love it to happen; Dacre Montgomery and Naomi Scott told We Got This Covered that they'd definitely be up for it!

Dacre Montgomery: Oh definitely with DC. The universes will collide, I think. [Laughs]

Naomi Scott: Oh my gosh, Dacre wants the universes to collide so badly.

Dacre Montgomery: [Laughs] There was this cool thing online recently. It was a mash-up of us and the DC Extended Universe characters on a poster, just like that one [points to a poster in the room]. And we were just running at each other, you know. It’d be really fun, because so many universes are coming together at the moment.

I can't help laughing at Dacre's enthusiasm, and it's sure to be shared by many fans!

Could This Ever Happen?

A fun idea - but realistic? [Credit: DC Comics / BOOM ]
A fun idea - but realistic? [Credit: DC Comics / BOOM ]

The sad truth is that the chances of this happening are slim; it's one thing for two comic book companies to agree to work together on a miniseries, but producing a blockbuster team-up is a whole different ball game. What's more, if we assume Power Rangers is successful, then Lionsgate will be focused on filming their own sequels; they won't want to tie their cast up with a Warner Bros. / crossover.

The same is true for Warner Bros., whose DCEU slate is pretty packed for the foreseeable future. This year will see the release of both Wonder Woman and Justice League, with DC focusing on building a consistent, well-structured cinematic universe. A crossover movie like this would be a distraction from DC's world-building.

Wonder Woman and the Pink Ranger! [Credit: DC Comics / BOOM]
Wonder Woman and the Pink Ranger! [Credit: DC Comics / BOOM]

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Sorry, Dacre, but I'm pretty convinced this isn't going to happen — however cool it would be to see the Power Rangers collide with the Justice League! Both Lionsgate and Warner Bros. have their own long-term plans, and I sincerely doubt that they include a crossover. That said, who knows? If fans get behind the idea, maybe both studios will decide it could be a fun move...


Would you enjoy a Power Rangers / DCEU crossover film?

(Source: We Got This Covered; Poll Image Credit: DC Comics / BOOM)


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