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When the Power Rangers reboot dropped in March, fan reception was generally positive. The film took the campy '90s blending of Saved by the Bell and Japanese monster movies with an update for modern audiences. The film gave it a bit of serious, relatable tone while not forgetting its fun attitude.

The film even included cameos by Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson, who played the original Green and Pink Rangers, respectively. Their scene featured the classic Rangers in the crowd after the new blood defeated Rita Repulsa and Goldar, but that wasn't their original cameo.

In an exclusive featurette, Johnson and Frank gave their blessing to the new crew despite their annoyance at them in their original cameo. Jason David Frank said:

“As long as it fits the brand, I’m excited for the fans to have something like this happen — even if I’m not part of it. It’s sure exciting to see that, that’s what I’m more excited about.”

Amy Jo Johnson followed up with:

"They're actually playing the characters that we played, which makes it even more fun and interesting."

The Power Rangers digital release is on June 13, and DVD/Blu-ray copies will be made available on June 27.

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