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It's now just a few short weeks until Saban's live-action Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is released in theaters — and we couldn't be anymore pumped! To further the excitement, a brand-spanking new international TV spot has just been released. As well as fresh new footage, it features an updated version of a certain theme tune, which is sure to evoke some serious nostalgia from fans of the classic Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers TV series.

It's out with Kanye and in with the classics with this TV spot. It's so awesome that Saban hasn't scrapped 'Go Go Power Rangers,' and even more awesome to hear it played while watching the Zords take on Goldar! Balancing the kitschy theme tune with the slick, CGI-heavy new look of the Power Rangers is certainly a tightrope act, but the editors have pulled it off exceptionally well here. The new TV spot also offers some extra dialogue from of Brian Cranston's Zordon, extra footage of the Black Ranger and Red Ranger in their Zords, and another shot of looking hella badass — not new, but still awesome.

Megazord! [Credit: Saban]
Megazord! [Credit: Saban]

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This is likely to be the last of the new footage we'll get see before the movie is released on March 24, and by this point has got us so insanely hyped that throwing us 'Go Go Power Rangers' alongside all the Zords and Rangers is just plain cruel. We hope that the movie will pick up where this TV spot leaves off: giving us the perfect blend of old and new, to satisfy our need for nostalgia whilst also giving us something fresh.


What are you most excited to see in the new Power Rangers movie?


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