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The upcoming has created a massive buzz, especially after the first trailer revealed to fans a darker and more mature themed movie than the typical TV show. With Saban HQ keeping many things a secret, it appears they have missed one source for information to leak through, merchandise. Back in July, fans were given their first detailed look at the suits for the Rangers through a sneak peak of the action figures. Well, a leak has happened once again through the upcoming toy line.

The Power Morpher

The Power Morpher and Power Coins
The Power Morpher and Power Coins

Retaining the name, the has been given a massive upgrade. The Power Coins that have been seen in the trailer lack the ancient beast images within them. This does not mean they will not gain them. As we have only seen the Rangers find their coins, the ancient beast may appear once they Rangers find and the Command Center. The Morpher has been given a design that would fit into Michaal Bay's franchise quite easily. However, given the more mature theme for the movie, it does make sense for them to be upgrading from the PVC plastic style of the originals.

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The Power Sword

The Red Ranger's Personal Weapon
The Red Ranger's Personal Weapon

The has definitely been given an upgrade. Now appearing to be more of an arm attachment and what can be assumed to be an blue energy blade, it seems like a weapon you could see in Tron. The big question is: Will the Black, Yellow, Blue and Pink Rangers have their personal weapons — the Power Axe/Cannon, Power Daggers, Power Lance and Power Bow — in the movie? Only time will tell, but if they do it is safe to assume they will also receive a more sci-fi upgrade.

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The Tyrannosaurus Zord

The Tyrannosaurus Zord
The Tyrannosaurus Zord

We finally get a first look of the Red Ranger's personal Zord, the Tyrannosaurus. Mounted with a heavy duty cannon on its back and two smaller ones for its forearms, it is set for battle. We can assume the other Zords will equally be equipped with more weaponry than their originals. Going by the design of the toy above, it would also suggest we can expect to see a more agile and deadly Zord battle than the original 1990s .

What Are Your Thoughts?

With these toys revealing big secrets, we can expect more to come out soon and perhaps HQ releasing more secrets themselves. One thing is for certain and that is the upcoming movie will write a new chapter in Power Ranger's history as it aims for an older market while still appealing to younger audiences.


With more information coming out, are you getting more excited for the upcoming movie?


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