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Power Rangers opened in theaters this past weekend to an impressive 60 million worldwide as fans both old and new flocked to see Lionsgate's reboot of the beloved kids' TV show. However, if you've been eagerly anticipating this film like me you probably noticed that there was a certain scene that didn't make it into final cut from the trailer.

Which scene in the trailer? The kiss, of course! At about 1:28 Jason, the , and Kimberly, the , lock lips after an emotional conversation in his room.

After seeing the film, I was very intrigued as to why that kiss hit the cutting room floor. Not that it was super important, but it wasn't some small minuscule scene they teased; we are talking about Jason and Kimberly kissing, and it is kind of a big deal.

[Credit: Lionsgate]
[Credit: Lionsgate]

Had it been cut because everyone knows that Kimberly's true love is Tommy, the , and they didn't want to upset fans? Or maybe they didn't want a kiss in a kids' movie? No, that's not it, the movie is appropriately rated PG-13. So what could the reason be for the film eliminating a key part in the romantic tension?

Turns out the real answer is actually, and awesomely, pretty feminist. In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, director Dean Israelite finally cleared up the puzzling cut. Israelite revealed that in test screenings after the trailers had been released, the audiences unanimously disliked the kiss because it distracted from Kimberly's journey in the film from mean girl to selfless superhero, and made it more about her supporting Jason:

"For that scene to culminate in some kind of romantic moment between her and Jason undermines her character and feels a little old-fashioned and becomes a movie trope of the female lead there to support some kind of male arc. I think it was actually kind of lovely that the audience pushed so hard against that, and the moment we took it out, everybody liked Kimberly way more and felt she was much stronger, and I loved that we got that reaction."

Israelite was just as on board with the audience's opinion, being that he had set out to make a film with strong female characters with their own stories in the first place:

“I loved that we did it, because my intention was never to have a female character try and be there for the male’s arc. It was always that she needed to stand independent of him.”

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I have to say, of all the reasons other films have cut romantic scenes or relationships, this is the best. One of the most appealing things about Power Rangers was the diversity and equality in the cast and characters, which is pretty astounding for a young adult film.

[Credit: Lionsgate]
[Credit: Lionsgate]

And while the Pink Ranger and Red Ranger didn't lock lips in the film, there was clearly a connection and a bit of romantic tension going on between them. A relationship between them definitely isn't off the table, and the possibility of the Green Ranger showing up at some point to create a love triangle — just like on the classic TV show — is looking more likely than not. And there is plenty of time to explore that in the next five Power Ranger films Lionsgate plans to make.

Power Rangers is in theaters now.


Did you mind the Jason/Kimberly kiss being cut in the film?


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