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It's finally here! The teaser trailer for Power Rangers (2017) has been released, and the trailer adds some context to all the mysterious promotional images revealed since the reboot was announced. The Power Rangers teaser trailer also provides a bit of insight into the plot and tone of the film, which were unverified until now. The official teaser trailer is embedded below:

Most of the trailer focuses on the teenagers going through everyday life as they appear to be renegades and outcasts, forced to attend extra sessions of schooling in order to pass high school (Breakfast Club callback, anyone?) - fact is made evident by the berating of Jason by his father.

From the get-go, Power Rangers appears to be your average teen drama taking place in a high school — that is, until the renegade teens decide to take a field trip on their own into a restricted area of the Angel Grove quarry, where a meteor lies in waiting. Here's what we can infer about the plot from what we've just seen.

1. Finding The Power Gems In A Meteor ... And Rita Repulsa With Them?

When the teens to decide open up the meteor with some explosives, they find a glowing wall with the Power Gems embedded in it, inadvertently releasing Rita Repulsa from her prison in the meteor. The notion is only assumed, but the breaking of the meteor will supposedly release Rita Repulsa from her tomb. And from the looks of it, all the Ranger technology and alien elements introduced (including Rita Repulsa, Zordon, Alpha-5 and the Ranger tech) will stem from the crashed meteor seen in the trailer.

Similar to the "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (MMPR) series, the Power Rangers' technology and the entirety of the alien elements associated, originated from several objects in space landing on Earth. One of said objects was a chamber with Rita Repulsa trapped inside, and the other was a crashing space vessel with Zordon and his android assistant, Alpha-5 inside. Considering that the reboot is using the same source material in creating an origin for the Power Rangers, it firmly proves that multiple elements from (MMPR) will be incorporated into the new film as well.

2. Wait, The Rangers Have Superpowers Now?

After finding the meteor, the teenagers become affected by it and begin to exhibit extraordinary abilities, from super durability to superhuman strength — all characteristics attributed to the Rangers when they're in their suits, but the teens aren't in their suits while exhibiting these superhuman feats.

In comparison to (MMPR), the Power Rangers in (MMPR) never exhibited superhuman feats and were always struggling to find their way back into the Ranger suits - in order to stand on level with their alien adversaries. But seeing as how the Power Rangers reboot is moving away from that concept and giving the teenage Rangers superhuman abilities, rather than having them rely on the Ranger suits to use those abilities, the reboot seems to be drawing a far line away from the original source material.

After their initial contact with the Power Gems found at the meteor site, the Ranger teens can be seen going through everyday life, trying to assimilate into society without allowing their uncontrollable abilities to hinder their ability to blend in. Eventually the teens return to the meteor site and find something even more amazing underneath, in a cavern opened up by the explosive: an alien ship.

3. An Underground Command Center? Sweet!

From the looks of the alien ship in the cave and the following image of Trini (Becky Gomez) and Kimberly (Naomi Scott) standing back to back preparing for a fight, they are either going to be faced with alien foes in that cave or they are going to undergo some type of training there. In the scenario of Trini and Kimberly (presumably alongside the rest of the Rangers) training in that cave, it could very well mean that the alien ship seen in the trailer will be the Rangers' Command Center.

Unlike the Command Center in the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series, the Power Rangers (2017) iteration might place the Rangers' Command Center as an underground base rather than out in the open. Logically speaking, it makes sense for the Rangers to have a base underground so they're not spotted when going to and from their base of operations.

Anonymity has always been an emphasized concept in the Power Rangers mythology, so having somewhere to hide out is likely a necessity. Beyond finding somewhere to hide, the new Rangers have found something even more spectacular in that cave, an entrance to Zordon's Command Center.

4. Zordon's Base Of Operations?

Zordon isn't seen in the trailer and we don't know how his character will be presented in the film, but Zordon's place of operations has already been found by the Rangers, evident by the room the Rangers are standing in being filled with alien technology. In (MMPR), Zordon's Command Center was quite different in appearance from the brief glimpse we get of the Command Center in the trailer.

Now there may be several close comparisons to the (MMPR) Command Center being made once more footage is released but for now we shouldn't worry because we can assume that the new iteration of Zordon's Command Center has been updated to coincide with the tone being built around Power Rangers (which is reasonable).

5. Ranger Suits Are Legitimately Awesome!

While in the central control room of the Command Center, the Rangers circle around something in the center and begin to absorb a type of alien tech into their bodies which begins to assimilate suits around them. The scene cuts short of showing the entire morph, but the transformation from teens into Power Rangers is better than one could have expected.

The morphing transformation has been an aspect of much concern among fans since it was believed the transformation would not translate on-screen the same it way it did in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. But now that we've seen a glimpse of the transformation taking place, the new depiction of the Power Rangers' morphing definitely fits within the theme built around the new film.

6. Rita Repulsa Is Not Messing Around

Within the trailer, there was also the surprise entrance of Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) as she invaded Trini's bedroom. Not only does Rita appear out of nowhere in Trini's bedroom, imposing an unexpected assault on her, but Rita says something that implies something of much more importance to the mythos being built in the Power Rangers cinematic universe:

"I've killed Rangers before."

Ultimately, that means there won't just be five Rangers in the new film. Rita's words also introduce the possibility of seeing past iterations of the Power Rangers before they were executed by Rita Repulsa, perhaps a flashback of previous Rangers being murdered by Rita Repulsa.

With the possibility of more Rangers appearing, it's very likely to happen considering that most of the Power Rangers television series featured at least one additional Ranger being added to the starting line-up, through every past season.

7. Are Bulk and Skull At Angel Grove High?

Nothing else was of note in the trailer, but from the images of the same bully picking on Zack (RJ Cyler), it could very well be the new iteration of Bulk or Skull.

In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull were the comic relief. Mostly known for their foolhardy attempts at pranking the Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull stood as intended bullies but they just came off as unintelligible when their plans ran afoul. Neither Bulk nor Skull have been cast in the film but it's very likely an iteration of the characters will make an appearance in the new Power Rangers film.

What did you think of the Power Rangers trailer? Were there any other hidden gems we didn't catch? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

premieres March 24, 2017. Starring Dacre Montgomery, Becky Gomez, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Bill Hader, and Bryan Cranston.


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