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Some say the Power Rangers reboot was a success, and some say it was a failure. The reboot, which hit the box office earlier on this year, made a remarkable $140.2 million in total, gaining the production company a $40.2 million profit. Following on from how the first installment performed, there are talks of a sequel between both Saban and Lionsgate. The future of the reboot remains uncertain, but director Dean Israelite has already started planning out a sequel, and wants to include a fan favorite villain.

He's Terrifying And A Fighter

Lord Zedd [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Lord Zedd [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Courtesy of ScreenRant, the director Israelite revealed his plans on who he wishes to include in the sequel:

“You know, there was a lot of discussion at one point of Lord Zedd being in this movie. We didn’t have the real estate for it, and I didn’t want to dilute the storytelling, so Lord Zedd definitely has to make an appearance in the franchise, he’s a fan favorite.”

Lord Zedd was a major villain in the original series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and has become a big hit in recent series like Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Zeo. Lord Zedd was the Power Rangers' first ever American-made villain, and his appearances in the series sparked a huge amount of complaints from parents. Sadly, the complaints meant the character was forced to become less terrifying for children to watch and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Films / Lionsgate]
'Power Rangers' [Credit: Saban Films / Lionsgate]

A Power Rangers sequel isn't off the table just yet, and with talks still continuing, we could still see a follow-up film featuring Lord Zedd and the Green Ranger, Tommy. When questioned about a sequel, Israelite commented:

"I hope so. It's obviously not up to me, but I know the studio [Lionsgate] and Saban are talking in earnest about it, and are trying to push forward. They're having a discussion."

Sounds promising, am I right? All we can do for now is sit and wait until more news spills out. The Power Rangers reboot will be released on DVD on June 27 and July 31 in the UK.

What do you hope to see in the potential sequel? Sound off in the comments below!


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