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Looks like we have a mighty morphin Power Ranger joining the DC Extended Universe! Ludi Lin, otherwise known as the Black Ranger in the reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, has joined the cast of Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa. Lin will be playing the character Murk, who is the leader of the Men-of-War, the front-line army of Atlantis.

Who Is Murk?

Murk [Credit: DC Comics]
Murk [Credit: DC Comics]

Murk became the leader of the Men-of-War and defended King Orm against the likes of the volcano-loving Fire-Trolls and the half-humanoid Deep Six. He wears the typical Men-of-War armor, consisting of protective pieces, a helmet and a harpoon-like extension on his arm. He becomes one of 's trusted allies.

Lin will act alongside an impressive roster of stars, including Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Temuera Morrison and Dolph Lundgren.

But before we get to see Momoa's solo outing on December 21, 2018, we'll be seeing Aquaman in action in the upcoming , which releases November 17. Check out the trailer below.

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