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The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers are back! But this time, it is a darker and more epic reboot starring amazing actors like Bryan Cranston (who played a few monsters on the original show and inspired Blue Ranger Billy Cranston's name), Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader.

Today a brand new trailer for Power Rangers dropped, and much to everyone's surprise, it was pretty damn good!

This trailer gave us everything that the studio needed to show us: Rangers in their suits? Check. Zords in action? Check. Giant monster? Check. Megazord? Mega-Check!

However, these classic elements have some new designs. Here's how Power Rangers is going to update the look of the original while keeping it familiar. For example, the trailer starts with mostly stuff we've seen before until we see the Rangers enter the headquarters and they start to glow with their iconic colors — and we get a funny moment between Billy and Zack, which addresses a certain controversy from the original show about the Black Ranger being portrayed by a black actor.

I like the little touches like that! Here are other changes from the original:

Zordon Looks Amazing

This is where the trailer blew my mind. The first big reveal of the trailer would be the official reveal of Bryan Cranston as the wise galactic sage Zordon, who is definitely updated but still within the same vein as the original.

In the original show, Zordon was a blue bald-headed dude in a tube who was dubbed very poorly — while in this reboot, he is still a big blue head that we all know, but they integrated him within the Power Rangers' headquarters, almost like a living computer. They could have easily just made Bryan Cranston's Zordon a normal character walking around the headquarters, but Lionsgate and Saban chose to stick closer to the original, which I respect.

Alpha 5 Is More Robot, Less Guy In Suit

The next reveal was a bit off-putting to me personally, and that would be Bill Hader's Alpha 5, the loyal robotic servant of Zordon and the Rangers. While I do see that the filmmakers stuck with a similar design for Alpha 5 — with his saucer head and red body — I was not fond of how tiny he was, and the eyes are a little weird.

Maybe the design will win me over when I see the final product, since we only saw him for a few seconds, but as of right now I'm on the fence about Alpha's design.

The Putties Actually Look Like Monsters

Next we get to see the return of classic villains who really needed an update: the Putties, Rita's henchmen. If you can recall the original show, they were supposed to be fierce creatures that were made of stone, but they just looked like a bunch of drunken idiots running around in spandex.

In this reboot, the Putties now actually look like monsters that are meant to fight off powerful warriors while performing evil acts for their creator and master. Speaking of whom...

Rita Rocks It Green Ranger Style

Rita Repusla gets a much clearer look in this trailer, in all of her green and gold glory, which totally isn't setting up her being/creating the fan-favorite Green Ranger at all...

Okay, it's pretty obvious that the filmmakers altered Rita's look to not only get away from the cone breast-plated whack job of the original, but to provide an explanation for her history with Zordon and other rangers. What if she was the original Green Ranger who rebelled from Zordon and became a galactic witch trying to conquer the universe? I mean, that does look like a green power coin that's lodged into her staff, and she said in the first trailer that she's killed Rangers before.

Either way, Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa definitely is much different than the original, but there are still throwbacks to her predecessor such as the staff, the tendency to create monsters, and that she has a servant named Goldar (who we will get to later).

I'm excited to see what Banks brings to the table. I hope she comes off as both a fun and threatening villain — and less like a Marvel villain — because so far from both trailers, she looks like an absolute boss.

The Rangers Can Really Fight

After a drop of the iconic "it's morphin' time!" line, we finally get to see the Power Rangers in suits and in action, and they look phenomenal. We even get to see the Rangers duke it out with some Putties, which brings me to my favorite shot from the trailer, featuring the Blue Ranger:

Whether the movie comes out great or not, we can already see that the fight scenes are definitely going to be more of a spectacle, since we're not watching badly choreographed sentai footage or toys moving across a backdrop.

We also get to see the Rangers saving people, which was something severely lacking from the original show: stakes. In the original, it always seemed that the people of Angel Grove were completely unaffected by the multitude of monsters that would attack the city every week, so it's cool to see the Power Rangers seem more like superheroes and protect people...but enough about that. You all want to see the good stuff, right?

Goldar Is HUGE (And So Is The Megazord)

Mastodan! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabre-Tooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Go-Go Power Rangers! Honestly when I saw this part of the trailer, with all of the Rangers in their iconic Zords battling with a very much updated Goldar (who I approve of), I reverted back to that little kid who grew up loving the battles between giant robots and giant monsters.

I cannot wait to see this battle go down, but not as much as I want to see the the fight between Goldar and the big one, the ultimate mech we all have been waiting for one glimpse at...and that's basically what we got: one quick look at the Megazord in all of its glory.

It's going to be amazing seeing this iconic mech on the big screen and not looking like a guy covering himself in colorful boxes. The climax seems to be taking place during the day, which is a nice touch, since it's so common to use dark lighting or shadows to make CGI characters look better.

In my opinion, both trailers have exceeded my expectations for a Power Rangers movie, a concept that I thought would be a failure from the beginning but which has gotten me hyped. Does it still have potential to be as terrible as the last attempt at a Power Rangers movie? Oh, most definitely — every movie does — but as of right now, I have faith in Lionsgate and Saban because they've made me cheer, smile and laugh with this trailer.

Go-Go see Power Rangers on March 24th, 2017!

You excited for Power Rangers? Let us know in the comments below!


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