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Months before Lionsgate's film hits theaters, the much anticipated adaptation already has some creative competition. The official Power Rangers Facebook page debuted its first episode of very different adaptation of the original hit TV series — and let's just say it puts the "meower" in Power Rangers. Meet The Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers!

These felines are the this world needs right now, and are the only things standing between Akita Repulsa and world domination. Featuring Kimpuuurly the Pink Ranger, Jassssson the Red Ranger, Trrrini the Yellow Ranger, Zzzzack the Black Ranger, and Billy the Blue Ranger, the Meower Rangers along with their leader Zzzordon, a Beta fish, must defeat the face of canine-evil once more. Yeah, in case you missed it, the end credits do specify "Akita" Repulsa is played by "Doggo The Pupper" — I think we can safely assume she is a canine of the Japanese Akita breed.

After Zzzordon briefs the Rangers, Jassssson the grey tabby cat reveals himself as quite the joker by pretending he is new to Akita's evil schemes, to which Zzzordon is not amused. He just as soon gets down to business, however, telling the team it's time to give Akita a very Meower Rangers welcome. And with one classic "It's Meowrphin Time!" from Zzzack, they are (adorably) in uniform and off to save the day! I hope they used the litter box before they left.

The Meower Rangers is a totally fun and hilarious play on the original TV series. Even the opening is a throwback to the original where the cast members were shown morphing into Rangers side by side with their everyday selves. Not to mention the end credits with is the original theme song sung buy cats. Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow...

It's Meowrphin Time!
It's Meowrphin Time!

As a cat lover who also loves sci-fi and the Power Rangers, it's like this show was pulled right out of my inner most dreams. No word yet on when and if we will get an Episode 2 of Meower Rangers and meet the ever-despicable Akita Repulsa, but I am crossing my paws. I might even be looking forward to it more than the actual Power Rangers film this March. Yeah, I said it. And let's be real — the true hero is whoever got those cats to sit still long enough to film this.

Power Rangers starring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Banks, Becky G., and more hits theaters March 24th, 2017.


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