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Powerless follows a normal, everyday woman called Emily Locke — who just so happens to work at a company owned by one of Bruce Wayne's relatives. The show isn't set to feature any explicit ties with the DCEU, deliberately focusing instead on those who protect people in the aftermath of superhero fights. However, as the weeks progress, it's going to become increasingly difficult for Powerless to regularly devise new ways of avoiding these spandex-clad individuals.

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

However, in a new interview with Comic Book Resources, show runner Patrick Schumaker has revealed an interesting idea that will allow some of 's heavy hitters to appear on Powerless in a way that won't compromise the show:

“If they’ll let us do it, I would have Jason Momoa show up next season as the Sparkletts guy. He’ll never show up as Aquaman. Ben Affleck will never show up as Batman. We can’t rule out that Grant Gustin could show up some other time playing somebody else, that there’s a little bit of a crossover."

But how would that work? Isn't Powerless set on a different earth to the movies and 's ?

"You have so much license, given the high-concept nature of this show, I think you have a lot of license… The idea of a multiverse, I think, gives you license to have an actor from one of the other shows show up playing somebody different. Because who’s to say in this world that Barry Allen or Wally West – Barry Allen if it’s Grant – isn’t a courier? He doesn’t have any powers, necessarily. Or maybe he does, and we just never show it. Maybe he’s the FedEx guy."

The idea of explicitly featuring superheroes on Powerless would fly in the face of the show's entire premise, but by including stars such as , and in hilarious cameos, superhero fans could still have a mini-nerdgasm at the sight of their favorite heroes, without compromising the vision of the show.

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

Just imagine seeing Gal Gadot appear as a chauffeur, Stephen Amell pop in as a personal trainer, or Melissa Benoist take on another personal assistant role, hearkening back to her time as Cat's employee in Season 1 of Supergirl.

See also:

Sure, it's still early days, but if any actors from the DCEU or Arrowverse ever agreed to appear on Powerless, then cameos of this nature are entirely feasible. The only problem is that such appearances could detract from the nature of the show.

Check out Bruce Wayne's cousin in the clip below:

DC villain Starro has already appeared in the trailer and first episode, leading us to believe that the show's ties to the world of superheroes could be more explicit than previously imagined. Can Powerless pull off these kind of links without betraying the nature of the show? Tune in weekly on the NBC to find out.


Which DC actor would you like to see make a cameo appearance on Powerless?

[Source — CBR]


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