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NBC’s bold new take on the superhero genre, , premiered to a dismal 3.1 million viewers and never truly took off. Episode after episode, the show’s ratings steadily declined and the last episode that was only watched by 2 million viewers.

With its numbers dwindling and a less than stellar critical response, Powerless seemed to be destined for only one season. As it turns out, Powerless might not even get that much; NBC has pulled the show before its final episodes.

NBC Pulls 'Powerless' From Its Schedule

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

Deadline is reporting that NBC has pulled the three remaining episodes of Powerless from its Thursday night spot and replaced it with their hit comedy . While the show has not yet been officially cancelled, it does not look good for the freshman half-hour comedy.

Poor reception aside, the show was almost doomed from the start with lackluster trailers and absolutely no word-of-mouth before the first episode even aired. NBC has seemingly delivered the dagger to Powerless, which is only proven more by a tweet from writer/executive producer for the show Patrick Shumacker:

Powerless marks the second DC Comics property to meet its end on NBC after the first season, but the first, , will get a bit of a revival on The CW Seed. One thing is for sure, NBC went out on a limb and tried something a bit different with Powerless – even thought it was still an office based sitcom – but at least it was something a little different than the usual prime-time network fare.

Why Did Powerless Fail?

NBC seems to be a show graveyard, but they aren’t the only business in town. Fox has two DC properties that have flourished with Lucifer and Gotham. The CW has become a haven for all the DC Comics properties to co-exist and maintain stable ratings.

Want to read more about DCTV? Check out:

So why did Powerless fail? Well, it could be that NBC wasn’t the right home for the show and it seems likely they didn’t find the audience they work looking for. The truth is Powerless was mediocre at best, and never really found its footing.

In the end, it really boils down to quality and a bit of luck; if the shows are good then people will watch them. Some shows go before their time like Constantine, but it’s hard to guess which shows will find their desired audience.

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

Powerless is likely on its way out, but have no fear, because there is a healthy dose of DC Comics television on the way in 2017. Superhero shows have become somewhat like the mythical hydra: when you cancel one show, two shows pop up in its place.

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(Source: Deadline)


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