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NBC's Powerless marks the first attempt at a half-hour comedy based around DC Comics characters. The show will star Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical), along with an impressive cast of comedians, such as Alan Tudyk (Firefly, Rogue One), Ron Funches (Undateable), and Danny Pudi (Community).

The show will center around a company named Wayne Securities, that helps protect the public against the collateral damage caused by superheroes. If you would have pitched this show to me when I was ten years old, I would have probably exploded from pure joy. A major network comedy that takes place in the DC universe is something I never thought I would see in my lifetime.

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

On paper, sounds like a can't-miss comedy; however, footage we have seen so far hasn't knocked it out of the park. In fairness, we have only seen about 2 minutes of footage in total. Now, NBC have released a full length trailer for the show, and it actually provides a few chuckles, and a lot of easter eggs.

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New Powerless Trailer

It really looks like all of the changes NBC has made to the plot have repositioned the show to make sure audiences get all of the DC Comics references they could ever dream of. The trailer is under 2 minutes long, and in that time they reference Bruce Wayne, Superman, and Wonder Woman on several occasions.

I will admit, that bit about Wonder Woman's invisible model jet was pretty funny. The show seems to be a vehicle for DC comics based jokes, and that could be awesome; as long as they are good jokes.

The trailer also contained the first live action appearance of everyone's favorite silver age galactic conqueror, Starro. As a long time DC Comics fan, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw him lurking in the background.

The Appearance Of Starro

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

Starro is only in the background for a moment (before he explodes), but it was amazing to see him nonetheless. He does look like he just came off the set of Wallace and Gromit, but the practical effects give the villain a bit more charm than if he was just a CGI rendered character.

Starro is one of the oldest villains in the Justice League rogues' galaxy. He first appeared in 1960 in the Brave and the Bold #28. Starro is very recognizable, due to his giant starfish aesthetic, but he is not to be taken lightly. The spores he produces can attach to any sentient life-forms, placing the victim completely under his control. The fact the Starro appeared in this trailer may set a precedent for more major characters to appear on the show. In particular, it's hoped that other goofy villains such as Blue Snowman, Egghead, and Codpiece (complete with crotch cannon) will make their debut on the show.

Will More Major DC Comics Characters Appear On 'Powerless'?

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

The inclusion of Bruce Wayne's cousin, the fact that they work in a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, and the increasing number references to DC characters, all seem to point to the fact that this show will revolve around brand recognition. This is a very smart move on the part of NBC — if the writing can back up the love audiences have for DC properties, they will have hit on their hands.

We don't know how many characters NBC acquired when they obtained the rights to produce the show, but if they made a deal like FOX did with Gotham, we could see a great many DC characters pop up from time to time. This would end up being a huge selling point for the show, and would explain the shifts made to the plot. Although, it still seems unlikely that any of the characters that are prominent in the DCEU or the Arrowverse would show up, but they will most likely be referenced at some point.

Powerless [Credit: NBC]
Powerless [Credit: NBC]

The idea of a show crammed full of DC goodness is a very enticing proposition. However, no matter how many DC Comics characters and references you cram into the show, it still has to carry its own weight.

All of the changes NBC has made to the show definitely give off the impression that they are trying to respect the love fans have for DC Comics. Not only is that extremely encouraging, but it also sounds like a show a show people will support wholeheartedly. Powerless premieres on Thursday, Feb 2nd at 8:30PM/ET.

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