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The toughest little girls in Townsville are here to save the day! is an animated series about a trio of courageous crimefighters that was quintessential viewing for any girl who grew up in the late '90s and early naughts.

Now, is giving you the chance to enjoy 's classic episodes of The Powerpuff Girls all over again. The stories might be from your past, but they still pack a powerpuffed punch of nostalgia, right to the face.

For those of you wanting to be inspired and relive the gallant, gutsy glory of The Powerpuff Girls, here are 10 time-honored quotes to help bring the superpowered Chemical X back to your lives.

1. 'Who you calling cute?' — Buttercup

I believe the word you were looking for is "hardcore."

2. 'I'll show them. I'll prove that I can be... hardcore!' — Bubbles

Being the cute one can be a blessing as well as a curse. *sigh*

3. 'Whose dumb idea was it to walk, anyway? Anyone can see these feet aren't made for walking!' — Buttercup

That's 'cause they're made for kicking butt. Duh.

4. 'I've had it with your insubordination.' — Blossom

It ain't easy being the leader, but someone's gotta do it.

5. 'I see a knuckle sandwich in her future.' —Buttercup

You better run, princess!

6. 'And we're not afraid of anything as long as we have each other.' — Blossom

Amen to that, sister!

7. 'Give me a break, you two. Yap, yap, yap. Can I toss this guy already?' — Buttercup

There's a time for chitchat, and a time for dumping doo-doo heads in a ditch.

8. 'I'm the cutest and the favorite!' — Bubbles

Even sweethearts can tear villains apart.

9. 'Careful, Bubbles. Your ego is showing.' —Buttercup

Gotta keep your girls in check.

10. 'Let's go home and make tacos!' — Bubbles

After a long day of saving the world, sometimes you just wanna treat yourself.

Catch up with all the classic episodes of The Powerpuff Girls, now streaming on Hulu.


Which Powerpuff Girl are you?

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