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The City of Townsville has officially welcomed a new hero, and her name is Bliss.

Cartoon Network announced earlier this month that a fourth member would be joining the Powerpuff Girls, and she made her official debut during The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four movie special. Bliss (short for "Blisstina") is the newest recruit for the trio — and just like her Powerpuff counterparts, she certainly has a unique look: shiny blue hair and a purple outfit.

The Professor's Original Experiment Resulted In Bliss

Bliss was initially thought of as Bubbles's imaginary friend. However, it's been revealed that she is the Girls' long-lost sister. Years before he created Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, Professor Utonium originally attempted his "perfect little girl" experiment utilizing the same mix of sugar, spice and everything nice — and accidentally added in Chemical W, which resulted in the creation of Bliss.

Clearly the efforts were a failure, as Bliss proved to be incredibly more difficult to manage than the Father of the Year anticipated. She disappeared following an explosion and had not been heard from until her recent return to Townsville. The Powerpuff teenager reunited with her family during the Power Of Four special, gradually learning more about her arsenal of superpowers including flight, teleportation, telekinesis and super strength.

(Interesting tidbit to note: Bliss was apparently best friends with Townsville's mortal enemy, Mojo Jojo, during his tenure as the Professor's lab assistant. If we see any kind of future interaction between them, they'll most likely bond over the idea that the Professor needs to take better care of the dangerous chemicals he has lying around his lab.)

South African musician Toya Delazy recently revealed that she'll be lending her voice talents to Bliss. This character is kind of a big deal to the Powerpuff lore since it's the first time another person has joined the squad in any official capacity (excluding the failed inclusion of the fan-favorite Bunny) and is also the first ever black Powerpuff Girl, so Delazy's not the only one whose voice will be associated with the new addition.

Multiple actresses from around the globe are providing their voice talents to the role, striving to evoke Bliss's strengths and personality traits. Although she sadly leaves following the end of the special, Bliss will more than likely return to assist her crime-fighting sisters in the future.

Fan Reaction Has Been Mixed

When new characters and components are added to a beloved franchise, there are bound to be those who hate absolutely everything about the changes ... and those who have more of an open mind. Many fans took to Twitter to express their thoughts about the addition of Bliss, and this guy pretty much sums up my thoughts on those who fall in the Hate Everything category:

Certain fans were not amused with Bliss, believing her inclusion simply isn't necessary to the series:

Many praised the series for diversifying their lineup, and welcomed the new addition with open arms:

An overwhelming majority, however, just wanted to show some love to the OG fourth Powerpuff member, Bunny:

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Are you hoping to see more of Powerpuff Bliss? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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