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The cast and crew of Preacher are coming off of their second appearance at San Diego Comic-Con and they had a lot to be happy about, considering the series is back and better than ever. By using the comic books as a stepping stone, the show's creators are finally able to get into the heart of the story following Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy.

The show is gathering a lot of praise from fans with its second season — and in an odd bit of news, it looks as though the series has received an endorsement from an interesting source: the Church of Satan.

Series developer and well-known actor took to Twitter to share an article listing why viewers should watch and it looks like the Church of Satan took notice, as they retweeted Rogen's tweet and added that they took recommend the series as well. The series involves preachers, vampires, and angels — while also delving deep into heaven and hell and the element of good versus evil — so the Church of Satan is certainly in a position to judge.

The comedy of Preacher falls in line with the Church of Satan's surprisingly humorous social media presence. Its verified Twitter account also shares opinions on pop-culture frequently, so the Preacher tweet isn't really an outlier:

There you have it: the Church of Satan aren't just Preacher fans — they're Doctor Who and Monty Python fans too. Who knew?

Preacher airs Monday nights on AMC.

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