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While the first season of Preacher was pretty slow moving, the second season of the AMC comedy-drama series has been action-packed so far. This season has seen Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy move to New Orleans to search for the almighty God. While their search has been pretty fruitless so far, our eccentric protagonist Jesse Custer has found himself on the wrong side of not one but two powerful entities.

Having recently disposed of the villainous Saint of Killers, Jesse is now dealing with Herr Starr, who is becoming a thorn in his side. However, after their fateful meeting last week, have the two holy men learned to coexist in this week's episode?

The latest episode of , titled "Dirty Little Secret," was everything you would expect from the series — so, before we prepare for next week's episode, let's take a look at five things you possibly missed in Episode 10.

Note: this post contains heavy spoilers for Preacher Season 2, Episode 10.

1. The Significance Of The Title

As this is Preacher we're talking about, the title ("Dirty Little Secret") is referring to almost every character in the show, many of whom struggled with their own secrets in the latest installment of the AMC drama. Herr Starr, however, had the biggest secret of all — and, after encountering Jesse last week, the small-town preacher forced Starr to reveal his big secret and take him to see the Messiah. Jesse was horrified when meeting the Messiah, whose name is Humperdoo.

According to Herr Starr, the Messiah is unable to take control of Heaven because years of inbreeding have resulted in him being mentally incapable of doing so. Additionally, the episode is titled after the All-American Rejects' song "Dirty Little Secrets," which was conveniently heard in the episode when Tulip was playing Guitar Hero. Speaking of the All-American Rejects...

2. Tyson Ritter Plays Jesus

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The latest episode of Preacher featured a series of flashback sequences, showing Jesus back in the day. In typical Preacher fashion, their version of Jesus was pretty eccentric. However, the interesting part of this storyline was that the Jesus character was played by Tyson Ritter, who is the lead vocalist in the All-American Rejects. Well played, Preacher, well played.

3. Joseph Gilgun's Tattoo

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

As Tulip made breakfast, Cassidy wasted little time in showing her his new tattoo — it's rather large and takes up a large portion of his chest. While this highlighted Cassidy and Denis living it up in New Orleans, it's likely that this storyline served another purpose: Cassidy's new tattoo is actually inked on actor Joseph Gilgun's chest so, now that the Preacher writers have written it into the storyline, the makeup artists will no longer have to cover up the large tattoo when Cassidy goes shirtless.

And, considering this is Cassidy we're talking about, there will probably be quite a few shirtless scenes in the future!

4. Denis The Menace

Throughout the episode, Cassidy struggled to keep his son in check. Denis, who has recently become a vampire, is struggling with all of his newfound power and has been unable to keep his blood thirst at bay. Cassidy treated his dad with a prostitute for his birthday (because that's not weird at all), but the woman eventually ran away screaming, holding her neck.

Cassidy attempted to reprimand Denis, telling him that feeding on humans is not an option, but but the old man failed to see a problem with his actions. At the end of the episode, Denis returned home once again with blood dripping out of his mouth. It's clear that Denis is quickly becoming a menace and, unfortunately, we can't see a happy ending for this storyline — will Cassidy have to put his son down once and for all? We're hoping it won't come to that because we can't bear to see Cassidy heartbroken again.

5. The Dog

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Confused by Humperdoo's mental state, Jesse looked around the so-called Messiah's room to find a book full of cartoonish drawings. While the art looked like the work of someone much younger than Humperdoo, there was something pretty important about about these drawings.

All of the sketches featured a dalmatian dog — and if we remember back to the third episode of Season 2, Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy asked for God in a New Orleans bar. The bar staff took our three protagonists to the basement, where they discovered a weird sex game involving a man dressed in a dalmatian outfit.

While this could've been nothing more than a typical Preacher gag, Dominic Cooper has confirmed that viewers have already met God, so perhaps the fact that Humperdoo's book is full of dalmatian drawings signifies that the dog man is actually God after all?

There are only three episodes of Preacher's second season left, and with things continuing to get even weirder for Jesse, who knows what terrors are lurking for the preacher in next week's episode?

Additionally, Herr Starr might be one of the most eccentric characters we've met on Preacher, but could he be the key that Jesse needs in his mission to finding God? We'll have to wait and find out.

Preacher airs Mondays on AMC.

Did you notice anything that we missed in the latest episode of Preacher? Tell us in the comment section below.


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