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The second season of Preacher arrived on Sunday night, and the critically acclaimed season premiere was everything fans could have hoped for. Season 2 will follow Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher, and his eccentric friends Tulip and Cassidy as they travel across the United States searching for the almighty God. Episode 1 saw Jesse begin the search, realizing that he's being stalked by the hellish cowboy.

Fans didn't have to wait long to see the following episode, as AMC broadcast Episode 2 on Monday night at 9/8c, which will become 's regular timeslot. As Jesse avoided the cowboy's gunfire, the preacher and his friends caught up with angel Fiore, their former ally.

The second episode, entitled "Mumbai Sky Tower," was full of Easter Eggs and other tidbits — so before we get excited for next week's installment, let's take a look at five things you may have missed from Episode 2.

1. 'Preacher' Has Officially Named The Cowboy By His Comic Book Name

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

While fans of the Preacher comic series will have been aware of the cowboy's true identity for quite some time, the latest episode of the series officially revealed the character's name to viewers: the cowboy is referred to as the Saint of Killers. During a conversation with Jesse, Fiore confirmed the identity of the cowboy, calling him "the Saint of Killers" before proceeding to tell Jesse that he cannot be killed because he is not human — he's a demon from hell. That doesn't sound too good for Jesse now, does it?

2. The Saint Of Killers Is Basically WWE's The Undertaker

[Credit: AMC/WWE]
[Credit: AMC/WWE]

As Jesse came to terms with his near-death experience, a group of people came to his defense, armed with enough firepower to dispose of the cowboy once and for all. However, despite all of the Greater Association of Gun Aficionados members shooting simultaneously, the bullets had no effect on the Saint of Killers. Jesse watched in horror as the cloaked figure emerged from the smoke and shadows, unharmed.

While watching the episode, we couldn't help but note the similarities between The Saint of Killers and WWE wrestler, The Undertaker.

There are many similarities between the Undertaker's persona and the Preacher character, ranging from their stoic nature to their identical clothing — not to mention their desire to best their enemies at all costs. Whether or not this was the writers' intention is unknown, but the similarities are there, and many social media users wasted no time in pointing them out. At this rate, the cowboy will be making Jesse rest in peace (or pieces).

3. Is Cassidy Immune To Genesis?

While Jesse was able to use his unholy abilities on Cassidy during the first season of the show, eagle-eyed Reddit user Kylereese35 pointed out that the Irish vampire was seemingly able to resist Jesse's commands during the latest episode. You missed that too, huh? So did I, but if you go back and re-watch the initial gunfire sequence, Jesse commands everyone in sight to "Stop him."

Cassidy stands beside all of the citizens, who immediately heed Jesse's request and start firing at the cowboy, yet the vampire does nothing. Moments later, Jesse yells, using his Genesis voice, at all of the people to run — and, again, Cassidy doesn't comply.

Whether or not this was intended or was simply an oversight remains to be seen. One could perhaps argue that the power of Genesis comes straight from Jesse's intentions, and as Cassidy wasn't the one whom Jesse was commanding, he remained unaffected. Or perhaps the vampire has become immune to the unholy voice. Either way, it makes for one hell of a debate.

4. The 'Breaking Bad' Easter Egg

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Even with all of the tension between Jesse and the Saint of Killers, Preacher still managed to take us back in time to highlight how Fiore became the Amazing Ganesh. At first, we find Fiore sitting by a bus stop. Fans of the popular AMC series Breaking Bad that ran from 2008-2013 may have recognized said bus stop because the exact same location was used during 's final season when Walt, Jesse and Saul meet Ed, the vacuum guy, a.k.a the disappearer.

5. The Bill Hicks Easter Egg

There's nothing better than when a show pays tribute to its source material and Preacher is no stranger to it, having already made multiple references to the comic books this season. Episode 2 paid tribute yet again with another pretty cool Easter Egg — Eagle-eyed Reddit user the-kid noticed a poster of comedian Bill Hicks hanging in Fiore's dressing room at the hotel. In one particular issue of the Preacher comics, Jesse stumbles into a Bill Hicks show.

After two jaw-dropping episodes, we think it's safe to say that the hit AMC series is stronger than ever. With Episode 2 revealing that Jesse is heading to New Orleans — the home of jazz — perhaps the small-town preacher will be able to find God before the Saint of Killers tracks him down. Either way, we're excited to see what happens in next week's episode!

Did you notice anything in the latest episode of Preacher? Tell us in the comment section below.


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