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The second season of Preacher has delivered in every way possible, treating us to more action, humor and all-around craziness than we ever thought was possible. The hit AMC show returned to screens two months ago with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy moving to New Orleans in the hope of finding God. After defeating the Saint of Killers, Jesse has found himself targeted by a new Big Bad: Herr Starr.

While Tulip continued to struggle with her previous encounter with the Saint, Jesse and Cassidy faced their own demons in the latest episode of Preacher. Before we look ahead at what's to come in future installments of the series, let's take a look at five things you possibly missed from Season 2, Episode 9, "Puzzle Piece."

Note: this post contains heavy spoilers for Preacher Season 2, Episode 9.

1. Searching For Godzilla?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

So far, Jesse's search for God hasn't been very successful. However, the preacher decided to try out a different method this week: he searched for God sightings on YouTube, something that Cassidy wasn't too sure about.

As you would imagine, the internet is full of hilarious things, and Jesse found that out for himself. While typing in "sightings of God" in the search bar on the video streaming site, one of the search options was "sightings of Godzilla," something that Twitter found rather hilarious.

Considering how little luck Jesse has been having in his quest to find the holy leader, perhaps he would have more luck searching for the giant movie monster.

2. Shouldn't Tulip Have Continued To Sleep After Jesse Used Genesis On Her?

After Tulip's run-in with the Saint earlier this season, she hasn't been the same. In order to avoid thinking about her encounter with the killer, she has been continuously getting shot in the chest while wearing a bulletproof vest in addition to refusing to go to sleep. Naturally, Jesse began to worry and, using his creepy Genesis voice, he ordered his girlfriend to go to sleep.

She immediately obeyed, falling asleep on his shoulder. The following morning, Tulip awoke and seemingly had her first good night sleep in quite some time, but this confused a lot of viewers — shouldn't Tulip have remained sleeping until Jesse ordered her to wake? In the past, when Jesse uses the unnatural ability, the person carrying out his commands cannot stop until ordered to do so by Jesse himself.

With this in mind, fans were left wondering if this was a continuity error or if we still have a lot to learn about how exactly Genesis works.

3. Cassidy Only Drinks Blood When He's Injured

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

We all know that Cassidy is a vampire, and we've seen him sink his teeth into blood before, but we uncovered quite a bit about the ancient character in the latest episode. After being brutally mutliated by the followers of the Grail, Cassidy was out of action for quite some time. During that time, Dennis (Cassidy's son who has now become a vampire) gave him a sip of blood.

When Dennis decided to take some for himself, Cassidy became worried that Dennis was taking too much, telling him that a vampire only requires a little blood to heal. This is quite the revelation and it begs the question: What else don't we know about Cassidy? Also, with Dennis new to the world of vampirism, could he become addicted to blood and become a problem for New Orleans?

4. Herr Starr's Missing Puzzle Piece

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

As the title of the episode suggests, there was a focus on metaphorical missing puzzle pieces in this week's episode. When Herr Starr was on a date, he mentioned to his dinner companion that he's been feeling empty inside lately, despite his high-profile job. The woman informed him that he's missing a puzzle piece and that if he should find said missing puzzle piece, then he will be whole again.

In typical Preacher fashion, Starr ordered two of his followers to acquire him several prostitutes that would be open to what he called a "no means yes" session. However, two male prostitutes turned up instead and proceeded to force Starr to have sex with them. During the uncomfortable sequence, Starr was unmoved by what was happening to him, staring at the "Jesse Custer" file on his desk. It was here that Starr said that he'd found his missing puzzle piece.

This led to some confusion with many fans thinking that Starr was referring to his sexual encounter, but in reality Starr was talking about Jesse Custer — this is why he cancelled the hit on Jesse and met with him later in the episode.

5. Harry Connick Jr.'s Death

While Jesse was awaiting the Grail's visit at his home, the people of the Grail were actually busy launching a killer missile, intended to kill the preacher. However, upon further analysis, Herr Starr instructed his followers to abort the mission and cancel the missile launch.

Unfortunately, it was too late to abort as the missile had already been fired, so the Grail's leading lady, Featherstone, redirected the missile mid-flight and, upon landing at its new destination, it exploded. In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, it was revealed that Featherstone had redirected the missile to singer Harry Connick Jr.'s house. This makes Connick the second celebrity to die in the Preacher universe; Tom Cruse died in the pilot episode when Genesis allegedly entered the celebrity.

There are only four episodes of Season 2 of Preacher left, and with so many storylines still left open, who knows what will happen before we reach the (no doubt) explosive season finale? Now that Herr Starr has encountered Jesse Custer in person, viewers could be in for one hell of a ride! We can't wait to find out.

Preacher airs Mondays on AMC.

Did you notice anything that we missed in the latest episode of Preacher? Tell us in the comment section below.


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