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Ever since Shane Black's was announced last year, Fox has done a great job of keeping important details about the film under wraps. But with production underway and just over a year until the film's release, we still know very little about the plot.

Of course, Black himself has carefully unveiled certain details via social media — including photos of the cast in action — but we had yet to hear anything about the actual star of the film ... until now.

Jarrod Au, a photographer who seemingly had access to the set of The Predator, snapped a shot that finally reveals what the Predators will look like in the upcoming film. He subsequently posted the photo on Instagram with the hashtags "production stills" and "setlife."

A Tale Of Two Predators

The most interesting thing about the set photo is that there are two Predators as opposed to one. While one of the suited-up actors posed for the camera with "peace" signs as he stood atop the giant tank, the other one — wearing the alien's famous hunting mask — ominously fronted the vehicle.

While two of the iconic monsters in one film isn't unheard of — we've previously seen multiple Predators in , and Predators — it's definitely intriguing, given the title suggests that we would be specifically dealing with only one . Thus, we are left wondering why there are two of them and what is happening with the tank. Could an all-out war be coming between mankind and the Predators? Or are the creatures working with their human counterparts to take down a bigger threat?

With just over a year to go, it's good to know that Black really is indeed relying on actors to portray the Predators rather than using CGI. Now, we can only look forward to getting more up close and personal with the alien hunters as the film's release date approaches.

The Predator hits theaters on February 9, 2018.

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