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(WARNING: This article may contain spoilers for the entirety of The Walking Dead TV series and comics).

We are now three episodes deep into Season 7 of , and a brave new world, in which the psychotic reigns supreme over our beloved band of survivors, is beginning to take shape. This season has already seen a great deal of remixing regarding events and characters from the popular comics on which the show is based.

With the show's current new world order established, it seems a good a time as any for a round up of predictions and theories on the future of our favorite characters.

Carol Inherits Michonne's Comic Story

In S07E02, "The Well," it seemed to many fans of the comics that fan-favorite Carol was stepping into a storyline that had originally belonged to Michonne. In the comics, Michonne develops a romance with Ezekiel, eventually moving to The Kingdom to be with him.

This seems unlikely to happen in the show, where Michonne is in a relatively new, but committed, relationship with Rick Grimes. Carol, however, is a blank slate as far as future storylines are concerned, with her comic counterpart long dead, and already so different from the TV version of Carol that they are not really the same character at all.

All current evidence suggests that Carol may take Michonne's place at Ezekiel's side. The scene in which he reveals his true past to Carol is lifted almost directly from a scene with Michonne in the comics:

Adding to this, Carol now resides in an old House not too far away from The Kingdom, with Ezekiel obviously hoping to be a frequent visitor.

Maggie Will Soon Lead The Hilltop

If you ask many comic readers, they will tell you that Glenn's tragic death in S07E01 was necessary to drive Maggie's story arc forward. Following Glenn's death in the comics, the pregnant Maggie moves to the Hilltop, believing it to be safer than Alexandria. As Alexandria and The Kingdom prepare for war against Negan, The Hilltop's cowardly leader, Gregory, wishes to avoid it at all costs. Maggie becomes instrumental in convincing the residents of Hilltop to join the fight, and they soon vote to have her replace Gregory as leader. Maggie's reputation as a leader grows to rival even Rick's, not just respected by her people, but loved as well.

The TV series seems to be following a similar path. Maggie headed for The Hilltop with Sasha at the end of S07E01, and looking back to S06E11, we already know she can hold her own against Gregory.

Enid Will Follow Maggie To The Hilltop

Many comics fans see Enid — the mysterious teenage girl whom Carl becomes enamored with soon after arriving in Alexandria — as a replacement for Sophia Peletier, who was killed off way back in Season 2. In the comics, Sophia still lives, residing at the Hilltop as Maggie's adoptive daughter, an older sister to her young son. She and Carl had a brief romantic relationship, but soon decided they were better off as friends.

Maggie and Enid formed a bond in the second half of Season 6, with Enid desperate to accompany the group to Hilltop to help care for Maggie, until Carl locks her in the cupboard. It makes sense that Enid may head for the Hilltop to be with Maggie, especially after Glenn's death.

Enid Is (Or Was) A Spy

This is a theory that has been long held by fans, due this one key quote from this conversation between Enid and Carl:

"This place is too big to protect. Too many blind spots. That's how we..."

Carl, of course, cuts her off before she is finished, leaving the "we" to whom she was referring a mystery. When the episode first aired, fans speculated that she was working for the Wolves, while more recently some have suggested that she may have been aligned with the Saviors.

From the second half of Season 6, Enid no longer desires to venture outside Alexandria's walls as much as she once did, possibly hoping to avoid her former bosses. If Enid was a spy, it seems likely this is no longer so. Her relationships with Carl, Glenn, and Maggie have switched her allegiance.

Sasha Will Return To The Alexandria Watchtower, Deliver Massive 'Screw You' Moment To Negan.

While Sasha is currently at the Hilltop caring for Maggie, it is certain that she will return to Alexandria at some point. As the group's best sniper, Sasha fills a role held by Andrea in the comics, making her a vital part of the coming war against Negan.

In the comics, one great weakness of Negan's is greatly underestimating women, which comes back to massively bite him in the butt at the beginning of the "All Out War" arc. Arriving at Alexandria, Negan's first move is to send a man up the Watchtower to take out Andrea, hoping to break Rick once more by killing his girlfriend. Seeing a body fall from the Tower, Negan assumes the job is done. Except, of course, Andrea survived and waits for the opportune moment before opening fire on the Saviors, turning the battle in Rick's favor.

This moment would be too big a crowd-pleaser to leave out of the show. Sasha is the character most often seen in the Watchtower up to this point, making her the obvious choice to take Andrea's place.

Daryl May One Day Lead The Saviors

As we saw in S07E03, "The Cell," Daryl Dixon is not in the greatest shape right now, but, if we all know Daryl, then we know things are not likely to stay that way. In fact, if this new theory is to be believed, our favorite redneck may experience a significant rise in status.

Following Negan's fall from power in the comic series, leadership of the Saviors passes to Dwight, and a new era of peace is formed between the four main communities. Some fans are now speculating that Dwight's role may be transferred to Daryl. Some take this to mean that Dwight will die, but that is not necessarily true. Dwight is reluctant to take on leadership in the comics, so it is entirely possible that he will willingly fall into line behind Daryl on TV.

If this scenario was to occur, it would seem a good thing for the post-apocalyptic world. With Rick leading Alexandria, Maggie at Hilltop, Daryl the Saviors, and Carol beside Ezekiel, there would be four people in positions of power who genuinely want what is best for the other three.

The Next Big Bad May Already Be Hanging Around

While it may seem hard to believe right now, there is potentially a life beyond Negan for our survivors. Sadly, more horrors may await. In the comics, a time-jump occurs following the fall of Negan. Rick and Andrea are happily in love, Maggie is often seen chasing after her adorable toddler son, and peace reigns between the communities. Then came the Whisperers.

Wearing suits of skin so they can move freely among the walkers, they never speak above a whisper. They are angry that the expanding communities have encroached upon their territory, claiming that they have been around long before our heroes noticed they were there.

The same could be true on the TV series. While wearing their skin suits, the Whisperers look no different from any walker. Like the Wolves, they could quietly appear long before they are officially introduced.

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