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After legal battles prevented director from stringing 500+ human bodies together via butt-to-mouth, it looks like the troubled project is back on track. In fact, shooting recently started in Los Angeles. The film will feature THC2's Laurence R. Harvey and as an evil duo "with a storyline no one will expect," says Six.

I have to admit, the gimmick in the original HC was pretty clever. It's pretty surprising no one has ever been willing to go there before. After the second one, it was clear that the horror was just shock value, nothing more, nothing less. After witnessing a woman giving birth and stomping on her baby's head in HC2 (spoiler!), for example, I really don't see what the point in this series is. It's fine for a horror movie to want to gross people out, but it's completely another thing when it's so obvious that that's its only intention.

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Here are the trailers for the first two films, if you're into that sort of thing:

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