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David Latona

Do you like Nazis? OK, maybe that question comes off a little weird. Do you like terror movies set in 1945 featuring crazy Nazis? Maybe that sounds better. What if I told you that the crazy Nazis built up an army of corpses to fight for the Third Reich, Frankenstein-style?

That's the rather implausible premise of Frankenstein's Army, a movie which has mostly gotten pretty decent reviews and promises nothing more and nothing less than Soviet Red Army soldiers facing off a remarkable gang of fascist-leaning undead creatures. Sounds like fun!

Directed by and starring , , and , the Blu-Ray/ DVD edition will also feature some meaty bonus material. Interviews with the cast and crew is obviously a big chunk of it, although we'll also get to see some found footage commented on by production designer Jinrich Koci and cinematographer Bart Beekman. Another extra is a video feature on the Unreal FX team, showcasing the weird monsters created for the film (such as The Propellerhead or the Teddy Bear Woman). If your appetite needs any more whetting, check out the trailer below:


Frankenstein's Army will come out as Blu-Ray and DVD on September 10th.


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