BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Another day, another preternaturally good looking couple splits up.

Vampire Diaries heartthrob numero 2 (sorry, but Smolderhalder reigns supreme, right?) is single and ready to mingle again: and his wife are getting a divorce. If Torrey looks familiar, that's because you've seen her on Pretty Little Liars as the swishy haired, potentially sociopathic (I dunno, I'm only up to Season 3 - don't tell me anything!) sister of preppy brunette Spencer.

One wonders how really, really good looking people console themselves when they break up with other really, really good looking people. After all, only about 2% of people on the planet are anywhere close to being as dishy as this photogenic duo. Do they browse model catalogues to window shop for a new partner? Facially disfigure themselves so somebody, finally, will be interested in their personalities? The mind reels.

There's only one possible solution. Since and have also just split, maybe they should just do a swapsies. Torrey would look great on the Smolderhalder’s arm while Nina and Paul uniting would lend a certain sense of narrative coherence to the Hollywood gossip columns, given the whole Vampire Diaries love triangle dynamic.

Good plan or fantastic plan? Excuse me guys, I have to go set up a dating service right this moment. The world needs me.


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